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  1. 2020 Forester Sport - Dispersed Camping - the first trip

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    We finally took our first dispersed camping trip with our 2020 Forester Sport. We constructed a sleep platform, devised a DIY tarp set up and are working on our camping gear arrangement. We have car camped, canoe camped, backpacked, etc...for decades and this is our next evolution. We...
  2. ('19+) 2020 Sport Camping mods - Sleep Platform and more to come.

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    I started on my camping set up with a solo sleep platform for the 2020 Sport today. It feels pretty good. I can't wait to get out and give it a test sleep. LOL. I have plans for the "second half" for when my wife comes along. I decided to build modular in order to have options. I also went...
  3. ('09-'13) Lowering SH With WRX Springs

    Suspension and Handling
    Hey guys! I'm thinking of lowering my SH XT by dropping in some WRX springs, but I'm worried about the payload capacity after the swap. I like to go camping which often means I'm loading the back up with loads of gear and people. On the Forester springs I'm usually sagging a bit (could partly...