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  1. Exterior and Body
    I love the look of the 2018 front bumper. I know that these are the same generations but they made some slight changes in the later years like the headlights for the '18 not fitting on the '14 due to mounting points and that small spoiler on the top of the tailgate(which I also want to figure...
  2. Exterior and Body
    recently wrecked my bumper by hitting a deer and was looking into getting the duraflex L sport for the 98-02 gen. however i’m not sure how the fitment would pan out on my 07
  3. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    So I've had my new 2021 Forester Touring for less than 2 months, and a week or so ago, I noticed the Information light on in the dash was on. An error regarding rear sensors was coming up. Walked around the car, examined carefully - no visible signs of anything at all, so I figured it was a...
  4. Exterior and Body
    Hey I was wondering if anyone has tried or knows if a USDM front bumper like the one linked below will fit onto a 2004 JDM Cross sports? I've seen a lot of information surrounding going from USDM to JDM as far as bumpers go but never the other way around. I've heard the JDM fog lights are larger...
  5. Central Forum
    I live I the Houston area and want a custom front and rear bumper made and installed on my 2016 forester. I can’t find anyone to do it. Anyone know of any shops that will do custom work for Subaru's in the Houston area?
  6. Utility and Protection
    So I just wanted to let everyone know about a steel off-road bumper I found that fits our Foresters. I have it on my 05 FXT. So long story short this bumper is made for a 04 Ford Ranger it’s made by a company called Affordable Off-road. It’s the exact Same width as the Forester. There’s Very...
  7. Exterior and Body
    While changing the bulb on the driver's side headlight, my husband dropped the bulb cover. It has ended up in a little well inside the front bumper under the fog light insert. He can't reach it from above even though his arms are long. Any suggestions on how to get to it? We hear it rattling...
1-8 of 8 Results