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  1. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    My Subaru Forrester started to apply the brakes usually at a slower speed and when cornering mostly, I took it to my mechanic thinking it was brakes or acceleration problems. He drove it and said transmission so I took it to a transmission mechanic. He plugged his computer in and then drove it...
  2. Brakes
    Mystery noise! Please turn up the volume and have a listen. What is going on with the braking? On a hill, not going very fast, not braking too fast or hard, and not raining. This is a 2018 Forester we are test driving and the dealer mechanic and salesperson claims this is “normal.” I...
  3. Brakes
    I have been having a really mysterious braking issue that just recently started with my '14 forester XT and turning here for some guidance. Initially, it was presenting like a bad check valve. We replaced the entire vacuum hose assembly. It has not fixed the problem. In the morning when I first...
  4. Brakes
    I bought an 98 forester so I was disappointed to find out that it does not have a LSD especially since I do some overlanding/offroading with it. I was debating getting a lsd but I also have read they are not the most effective. And a LSD would only help split torque in the rear. If only I could...
1-4 of 4 Results