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brake system

  1. ('14-'18) 2017 - Looking to upgrade my brake pads and rotors - Something reliable and fairly priced.?

    Hey Guys, I was hoping to get some guidance. Ive been eager to have more responsive brakes. I currently have the stock brake setup on my 2.5i 2017 Forester. Can someone recommend a performance brake pad and rotor that is compatible with my OEM calipers? Something reliable and fairly priced. I...
  2. ('06-'08) 2007 - No brakes and kinda stumped?

    Hey everyone, sorry in advance if this post sucks, first timer here and I’m just starting to get interested in working on my own cars. Please bear with me because I don’t know a lot yet! so let’s start from the beginning. It was time for my brakes to be done so with the help of a friend, we...
  3. ('09-'13) 2010 - Time for a new Brake Booster or not?

    Hello all, first of all thanks for your time, I am trying to figure out if I need to replace my brake booster or not on my Forester 2010 with 150k miles: - Symptoms: Brake pedal feels soft to the press After releasing the pedal it goes all the way up without issues. Hear hissing sound when...