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  1. Offroad Fozzies
    Hey y'all, new here. First of all, this forum is so rad. Secondly, I got a 2018 2.5i Forester I am hoping to lift 2" and get some new rims and all terrain tires. Anyways, Looking at some Black Rhino 17" Wheels with LT265/70R17 Centennial M/T Tires. Y'all know if this will clear the forester or...
  2. Wheels and Tires / Tyres
    So I’ve looked on and still don’t understand it fully. But my question is does anyone know if the 16x7 5x100bp with +15 offset will fit a stock suspension 2009 forester ? I purchased 215/70/16 falken tires and would like to do a tire changeover since they are still brand new. I’m...
1-2 of 2 Results