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  1. Lighting and Electrical
    My 2007 Subaru Forester XT sport (2.5L-nat. Asperated) has 155000+ miles on it (Head gasket replaced at 122,000). I was getting gas at Costco and when I started my vehicle, the battery, brake and ABS indicators came on and stayed on. It seemed to run okay but this was worrying. The ABS light...
  2. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Hello, I need a bit of advice. I turned my car on this morning and no lights were on. I get about a mile from my house and turn a corner, all of the sudden my brake and battery light come on and I start to loose power steering almost immediately. So pull over turn the car off and back on... the...
  3. Lighting and Electrical
    So a while ago my battery light came on and eventually I had to replace the alternator which fixed the problem. After about 4 months my battery light started coming on again after driving about 45 minutes of driving on the highway, when I rev the engine it goes off again and if it stop and...
1-3 of 3 Results