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  1. Driver-Assist Technology and EyeSight
    G'day all, I'm and Aussie Forester owner win a new top spec 2021 Forester 2.5i-S (also 'Touring' model I believe in the US) I have watched reviews of the same year and specifications vehicle from other countries and it has a 'Lane Centreing' button on the steering wheel however on my model this...
  2. Australia / New Zealand
    Hi Fozzers, just wondering if anyone knows a good mechanic in Melbourne to replace the head gasket on my '03 forester XT. Also what's the ball park cost for such a common subaru repair job? Cheers
  3. News, Rumors and Media
    It's technically for the new Outback, but includes different models of various vintages. I'm pretty sure that's a Forester making a splash after the WRC WRX. Really enjoying the vibe, hope you like it! 😊
  4. Motor Conversions
    Got an 09 turbo engine to replace my blown 05 engine (Forester turbo) spare engine is already apart and I'm planning on getting it tuned for around 223kw give or take (300hp), plan on running 98 in it.(Manual 5speed) My list of mods so far is 255LPH fuel pump 1200 injectors Forged conrod (nitto...
  5. FB25DI - 2.5L Non-Turbo Direct Injection (2019+)
    Hi Guys, First time posting here so apologies if I'm in the wrong section. Im a total car novice and a first time Subaru owner. I own a 2020 model, Australian release, 2.5i-S. I love my new Forester! Its the best car I've ever owned and probably even the best car I've ever driven. But when I...
  6. Australia / New Zealand
    Does anyone know if it's possible to get Forester spec Swifts form a stockist in OZ? The only way seems to be to get them sent from the States and I don't really want to do that at the moment with everything that's going on. Any solutions/leads would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  7. Australia / New Zealand
    Hi all, I have recently purchased a 2005 XT Auto with 158000kms. I realise this is a broad question and may spark debate but I'm interested to know what Engine Oil Brand/weight, oil filter and power steering fluid has the had the best results? Thanks in advance!
1-7 of 7 Results