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  1. Interior and Electronics
    Is there a wireless feature for CarPlay? Mine only works with a cord. I’ve checked my settings on my phone and it seems correct.
  2. STARLINK Multimedia
    Hi, I own a 2016 Forester Touring, which has inbuilt Maps, Bluetooth, Call connectivity and etc. However Android Auto / Apple Carplay isn't available. Is it possible can Subaru Service Centers update the Software of 2016 Starlink to accomodate Android Auto / Apple Carplay ? Thanks Prasaanth
  3. Interior and Electronics
    Hey guys- I have a work phone and personal phone, both iphones. I want to be set up so I can use my either my work or personal as CarPlay and other as bluetooth/usb so I can still take calls or play audio from the other phone without swapping anything. General scenario is I want CarPlay my...
  4. Interior and Electronics
    Hello, all I recently saw an advertisement for a small adapter that you plug into the iPhone USB connection in your car and it essentially turns your CarPlay into wireless CarPlay. That way you don't need to physically plug in your phone every time you get in the car. My Audi has this...
1-4 of 4 Results