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  1. ('14-'18) SWC Buttons not working with Android head unit

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    I recently upgraded the stereo on my Subaru 2014 with an Android head unit from Seicane. The head unit is really good for the price tag but I can not get 4 out of the 8 SWC buttons to be detected by the unit. While the volume and seek(both up and down) are detected by the unit, the call accept...
  2. ('19+) 2020 - Android Auto Data Collection - what data does Subaru allows AA to collect?

    Interior and Electronics
    As with more general privacy concerns when using Google services, I would like to know what specific information Subaru allows Android Auto (AA) to collect. A Motortrend article back in 2015 said that Porsche had decided not to implement Android Auto due to privacy concerns about the wide range...
  3. ('19+) 2020 - Solution for accidentally leaving phone in car?

    Interior and Electronics
    I am constantly leaving my phone in my car. I'll be using Android Auto and once I get to my destination I'll just hop out and forget my phone is plugged in. Ideally I'm looking for some sort of smart alert that recognizes I'm at my destination, and just reminds me to unplug my phone and grab...