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  1. ('98-'00) 1999 - Alarm programming button replacement?

    Interior and Electronics
    I have a new fob I’d like to pair up with my 1999 Forester’s OEM alarm, but the programming button for the alarm has fallen apart over the years and the button is missing from the rest of the switch. I’m hoping someone can answer some questions about this: 1. Can I stick a rod or piece of...
  2. ('98-'00) 1999 - New Key Fob - where to source a new one?

    Interior and Electronics
    I have a 1999 S, and it came from the factory with a disabler and keyfob. The key fob has been lost for several years, and I've never been able to track down a new one. Does anyone know a way for me to source and program a new keyfob?
  3. ('19+) 2019 - Door ajar alarm inconsistent?

    Interior and Electronics
    I cannot figure out the variables that determine if the door ajar alarm (audible ding) will go off or not. Sometimes it dings and sometimes it doesn't. Can someone shed some light on this situation. Here's what I do know: I know it doesn't ding when I unplug my iPhone BEFORE I turn the car off...