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  1. Lighting and Electrical
    Hi all, AC stopped working yesterday. I noticed the AC compressor clutch does not engage or spin. A very obvious clue was the split wire coming out of the compressor, as pictured. I believe it's completely severed. Does anyone have experience with replacing this wire? I've checked on...
  2. Air Conditioning and Ventilation
    Just had a NAPA Legend battery replace original battery in my 2015 Forester. Now the air conditioner is blowing un-air conditioned air. The air conditioning was working fine before battery replacement. Before I call the shop tomorrow can anyone give me an idea of what could be wrong?
  3. Air Conditioning and Ventilation
    Hi All, First time posting here so hope I am going about this right. I have a 2011 Forester 2.5L NA (SH) which the aircon has recently been making noises which I attribute to the clutch / clutch bearing being worn and needing to be replaced. The aircon unit is cooling so I am thinking that...
  4. Air Conditioning and Ventilation
    I recently had our 2015 Forester down in Joshua Tree where the temps were over 100F. Thank goodness for air conditioning! One day we got in the car, turned it on and there was a new and very noticeable groaning or low pitch whine that only happened when the A/C was on. The A/C continued to blow...
  5. Air Conditioning and Ventilation
    Hey all, I'm new to car repairs so can't get too technical. But I'm pretty good at following technical instructions so am hoping to be able to learn how to fix this issue myself. (Just changed my alternator for the first time so getting to grips with under the hood slowly.) I've bought a used...
  6. Air Conditioning and Ventilation
    My 2014 Forester's AC makes a clunking noise when I turn it on and the other day my husband was driving it with the AC on and he said that twice the vehicle hesitated/lost power, I drove it in the morning and it was fine. I purchased a warranty for it when I bought it used. Should I be concerned...
1-6 of 7 Results