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advice needed

  1. 2003 project car - does this seem like a good idea?

    Forester Shopping
    Im 17 and have been wanting a 03-07 forester for a few years now. I found a listing on next door ( ) for an 03 xt at a super good price. Its a project car but ive been wanting to get my hands greasy for a while now. I would be buying the car and...
  2. Would you buy this 2017 Limited for $17k - CAT replaced, AC is nonexistent?

    Forester Shopping
    Hi folks, just test drove a 2017 forester limited with about 50k miles on it. Couple issues: it smells a bit smoky, the AC is nonexistent, and the dealer replaced the catalytic converter when they took it in. The dealer is prepared to do ozone treatment (hadn't been done) for the smoke and...
  3. Advice needed if this is a good price on an XT MY05 AUTO (Australia)

    Australia / New Zealand
    Hi all, I'm a total newbie to this forum and Subaru! I'm looking at a Forester (as mentioned in title) and feel as though it's above average price, according to Redbook/Carsguide etc. The Specs of the car are as follows, MY05, 156000kms, Auto, Luxury, Black, Immaculate condition (still yet to...
  4. ('03-'05) 2004 - What to do with my "Little Red Devil"?

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Hello, I am a new member. I have loved my "Little Red Devil" 2004 Forester since the day I got her. She now has 197,000 miles on her. I'm told she needs the second half of her catalytic converter (I just replaced the front half three months ago), bearings, tires, and maybe brakes. The...