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  1. Air Conditioning and Ventilation
    Hi sorry if this is in the wrong area i tried to search first. I have a 2013 forester limited my ac compressor seized up i replaced it and now my entire climate control system seems to be dead. I checked fuses for the blower the seem to be intact any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Air Conditioning and Ventilation
    Hi guys I just got my a.c. re-gassed and it blew all the gas a few days later. The mechanic noticed the fan cuts out every now and then and the pressure got too high into the compressor. Anyone had a similar experience and know what the issue could be? Cheers
  3. Air Conditioning and Ventilation
    How can the condenser on a 2017 Forester need to be replaced? In 40 years of driving, we have never had to replace a condenser. Online there seems to be a continuing problem with the condensers on the Forester. Not at all impressed with this vehicle. Expensive repair on a relatively new car...
1-3 of 3 Results