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  1. Interior and Electronics
    My wife has a 2022 Forester L and can't work out how to make the clock in the top "pod" display the right time. See The clock in the entertainment area (9.10pm) is synced to her phone but the clock in the "pod"...
  2. Utility and Protection
    Hi all, just sharing a video I made of my process installing a trailer hitch receiver on my '22 Forester Wilderness Trailer Hitch Install Video
  3. Transmission and Driveline
    My 2022 forester sport currently has 5,000 miles on it (5 months ownership). I was wondering if anyone with a 2019-2022 have experienced the following: When driving at 35 - 50 mph, and maintaining you speed while slightly holding down the gad pedal, there is a slight hesitation/jerk backwards...
  4. Lighting and Electrical
    I want to run two 14guage wires from the battery of my 2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness into the cab for a Vhf radio. I do not really care where they come into the cab I just don't want to poke a hole in the wiring harness grommet. Does anyone know of a route to get into the cab or of an existing...
  5. Wheels and Tires / Tyres
    Thinking of getting a full-sized spare for my 2008 Forester 2.5X. I also want to use it in a five tire rotation to keep the treads all within the 1/4" circumference limit for AWD. Question: If I have a TPMS sensor installed in the spare will it automatically be recognized by the TPMS module...
  6. Transmission and Driveline
    Model: 2022 Subaru Forester Sport Purchased: March 2nd, 2022 Current Miles: 3,412 Current Location: NJ (70 - 80 degrees F) Gas: 87 Octane Tire Pressure: 32 PSI all 4 Tires: Stock Tires Hi All, Firstly, allow me to apologize as it seems I only visit this forum when I am having issues with my...
  7. Brakes
    Does anybody know why the brake pedals spring back so much on the 2022's? I posted this in the general forum but nobody answered. Might be a dumb question. Test drove 2 2022's - a base and a premium. They both have a weirdly forceful spring-back when you release the brake. Have not...
  8. Forester Shopping
    Does anybody know why the brake pedals in the 22's spring back so much compared to the previous models? I just test drove two - a base model and a premium - and both vehicles had the same thing. After you press the brake, the pedal's return is oddly forceful, pushing back against your foot...
  9. New Member Introductions
    After about a 9 week wait we finally took our Forester Wilderness home and I am loving it so far! First plan of attack is finding a hitch that works with the Wilderness since the OEM ones are basically non existent.
  10. Towing and Hauling
    Like I commented on their YT clip, had hope a 2" hitch would have been installed from factory.
  11. Europe
    Afternoon all. Just wondered if anyone will be going to Japfest this year at Silverstone? Link: Japfest 2022 My friend with an Impreza keeps saying how great it is, so I was hoping there'd be Forester representation there too lol
  12. Wheels and Tires / Tyres
    New Fozzie owner due to untimely demise of my Impreza (RIP) Recently my friend and I decided to do a bit of tire/wheel swapping just to make our lives more complicated and throw some money at the local tire shop. She gave me her 18" wheels and tires from her MY21 Sport. I gave her the tires and...
  13. Utility and Protection
    Just curious if anybody has put Rally Armor mud flaps for a 2021 on a 2022 forester yet? I reached out to Rally Armor when I saw that they didn’t have flaps listed for 2022 foresters and asked if the 2021 model was compatible and they said they weren’t but part of me thinks the wheel well...
  14. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Hi, newbie here and also newbie to Subaru. I just brought home my new Forester Wilderness on December 28, and (aside from the headlights!) I'm loving it. BUT: about a week after I brought it home (and after one longish roundtrip drive of ~900 miles) I noticed this weekend a really concerning...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Really digging the new front end and this upgraded eye sight works so well. Ordered in September and it arrived on Monday
  16. Forester Shopping
    I ordered a Forester Premium with Option package 15 which has the power liftgate, blind spot, etc…. I assumed as part of this package that the color MFD would be included. The sales rep is saying it comes with the basic monochrome one. The subaru site shows it in the interior view of the premium...
  17. Forester Shopping
    The 2022 Forester is finally on SOA website, so let's start sharing our pricing. Please, be detailed and specific as to the trim, packages/options, accessories, and what other charges the price includes (destination, document fees, etc.) so that we know how to compare. Bonus points for...
  18. Forester Shopping
    Considering how crazy the supply is right now I thought it might be nice for people to post their orders so we can see when things start coming in. Post your trim, color, date ordered, and projected delivery. When you have an update, quote you original post for reference. Here's mine: Trim...
  19. General Forum Anyone have more retail of changes to Forester in 2021?
  20. News, Rumors and Media
    Looks like the 2022 Forester and Forester Wilderness will have the same NA engine with an upgraded transmission. Link (thanks to @zachavm): Compare Side-by-Side
1-20 of 21 Results