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  1. Interior and Electronics
    n00b here in this forum (but not to Subaru or Forester) so not sure where this fits. Just ended my 2018 Premium lease and got a new 2021 Premium. I use an iOttie Easy One-Touch 4 phone holder, which in the 2018 model I was able to mount on top to the left of the dashboard. The 2021 doesn't have...
  2. Member Galleries
    Went for an oil change and came home with a new car. 2021 Forester limited. Traded in a 2019 Forester Premium. Dealer really wanted the 2019 as it had only 3400 miles on it and made me a great lease deal. So far, loving all the new features I didn't have on the 2019.
  3. Forester Shopping
    Hi all. Im interested in a Forester Premium with Blind Spot monitoring and power liftgate. The dealer has a Forester that also adds "Popular Package 1", which has mats and stuff I dont really need, but it's the Forester they have (coming). With all the chip issues, I can wait if I need to, for...
  4. Driver-Assist Technology and EyeSight
    subaru forester 2021 hands on steering wheel warning light comes on and off when I am driving is there a way to turn it off . I have it on cruise control when this happens and wants me to hold the steering wheel in only one position! 3 and 9 and then it goes off.. Uncomfortable to drive in that...
  5. Interior and Electronics
    We just purchased a 2021 Forester Premium and as part of the deal we were given an OEM Subaru Remote Start Module (RSM) as an Owe Me. I made a Service Appointment with my dealership for installation on a Friday at 9am. About an hour later I was told that the installation was complete. With the...
1-5 of 5 Results