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  1. ('19+) 2020 - Roof-trunk gap and dirt around the hinges/struts?

    Exterior and Body
    I'm assuming this is normal but when I open the trunk it's quite dirty around the struts/hinges. It's interesting that there is a seal going around the trunk up to to the roof line, but there is no seal of any kind and quite a wide gap between the trunk and the roof. I actually compared the...
  2. FS: (For Sale) SOA801P051TQ 2019-20 Forester Door Edge Guards Ice Silver Metallic

    Parts For Sale
    SOA801P051TQ $80 OBO and I'll ship them wherever you want. PayPal only. I have a brand new set of door edge guards, ice silver metallic. 2019-2020 Forester, will fit all trims. Brand new, never installed, no original packaging. The packaging was damaged and so the parts were removed so that...
  3. ('19+) 2019 - 360 view camera - DIY/aftermarket solution for 360 view cameras?

    Interior and Electronics
    I've had a rental car with the 360 view camera and thought it was pretty cool. Just came across this video with it installed on a 2019 Forester, but I assume it's an expensive/custom job: Has anyone come across a DIY/aftermarket solution for 360 view cameras?
  4. ('19+) 2020 - Slow charging front USB port Android Auto (500mA)?

    Interior and Electronics
    hey everyone! picked up my MY20 forester the other day, after driving a gen5 impreza for a while. it came with the smaller screen and just a single USB at the front. in the impreza, when using android auto, i was able to use the navigation AND the phone would charge up as we drove to the...
  5. ('19+) 2019 - Radio has a mind of its own - spontaneously turns on & jump to another station?

    Interior and Electronics
    My 2019 Touring has recently developed an odd quirk. When the radio is on it will sometimes spontaneously jump to another station. If it's off it will spontaneously turn on. It isn't associated with anything obvious like speed, rough road, etc. Has anybody seen this, and what did you or a...
  6. ('19+) 2019 - Auto-dim mirror(s) VERY dark - normal?

    Driver-Assist Technology and EyeSight
    2019 Touring here: I find that the auto-dim rear view mirror and side view mirrors are VERY dark. They’re either tinted or not. There doesn’t seem to be much of an “in-between.” I even find when I’m in a dark parking garage with no headlights behind me, the mirrors tint all the way and it makes...
  7. ('19+) 2019 - Sport Grill on Touring? - Updated!

    Exterior and Body
    Looking to purchase the sport grill for my 2019 Touring. Chrome trim with black mesh. Called the parts department but they gave me an answer I didn’t want to believe lol. They told me there was no option to swap it out on the Touring and Premium models.. I thought the front grills of all the...
  8. ('19+) 2019 - Adaptive Cruise Control Characteristics

    Driver-Assist Technology and EyeSight
    I decided to start a new thread as to not crowd the other one this discussion was started in.. As previously stated: Love mostly everything about my new Forester except some characteristics with the adaptive cruise control (ACC)... Picture this: Cruise set at 55mph in the center lane. Go to pass...
  9. ('19+) 2020 - Lane Centering - add to 2019?

    Driver-Assist Technology and EyeSight
    I bought a 2019 Forester and I love the car, but reading some articles coming out about the 2020 Forester and the feature that my car doesn’t have is Eyesight with Lane Centering. Does anyone know if this feature can be added to the 2019 Eyesight because I look at the 2020 Forester is just the...
  10. ('19+) 2019 - Memory Seat Communication Problem - Updated!

    Interior and Electronics
    Hello. I'm having some issues with my memory seat functions in my 2019 Forester. The car seems to not communicate with the memory functions at all. I am unable to program or recall position "1" or "2" , in addition the feature that moves the seat back upon entry doesn't seem to work either. I...
  11. ('19+) EGR and PCV filtration in the new 2019 Forester?

    FB25DI - 2.5L Non-Turbo Direct Injection (2019+)
    Does anyone know if the 2019 Forester has some kind of oil filtration on the PCV and EGR systems or it is still necessary to put oil catch cans? Also I have seen WRX owners run 2 oil catch cans. Does that mean they put one on the PCV and one on the EGR?