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  1. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Okay so im in a bit of a predicament. I just rebuilt my ‘14 forester engine from heads up. Just finished everything yesterday. Engine is in, all wires are connected back to correct places and have double checked all my work. I go to start the car and it cranks no problem but no start. Tested...
  2. Lighting and Electrical
    Hey all, I just installed some fog light in my 2014 Subaru Forester. I tested the lights with the AC relay to make sure the lights worked before purchasing a relay. It worked, but I was curious if this is the correct relay to use. I've been searching this forum for other relays I could...
  3. Transmission and Driveline
    My daughters 2014 Forester is having valve body issues? Looking to replace the whole transmission or just the valve body. Looking for what years and models maybe interchangeable. Thank you! New member with a 2017 Forester 2014 Forester 2010 Outback and a 2004 Outback
  4. Transmission and Driveline
    Over the weekend I was changing the front and rear differential fluid on my wife’s ‘14 Forester. While changing the fluid on the front diff the fluid didn’t look terrible, but I found metal shavings/filings on the drain plug magnet (see picture). The car has 89k miles and she had the car before...
  5. Transmission and Driveline
    1000 miles from home 100F. What better time to have ever warning light indicating a transmission problem. The good news is that I had no problem finishing my trip other than the Cruise Control would not set. Reliable Automotive said that the transmission and radiator needed to be replaced...
1-5 of 5 Results