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  1. New to me 2018 Forester, looking at mod options.

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I am a proud owner of my new 2018 forester limited (owned a 2001 VDC obi previously), for those of you that own/owned this model, can anyone suggest some good bang for the buck options for yellow LED fog lights, underbody protection, rokblocks or rallyarmour mudflaps, and any...
  2. ('14-'18) Poor brake pad and climate combo (video)? - Updated!

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can share your thoughts as I've been experiencing a brake issue that is new to me in all my years of doing brakes on my own cars. Its really had me scratching my head. From the moment I pull out of my parking spot up to the end of my neighborhood my brakes squeak...
  3. FS: (For Sale) Brand New 2015 Fozzie Passenger Door Rear view mirror

    Parts For Sale
    Brand new Brock Mirror 9336-2012R (no heater) with upper glossy smooth black plastic cover. Bottom cover missing but mirror is not used. I needed the front facing outer shell to replace a broken shell on my GFs 2015 Foz. Asking $40 + shipping OBO. I got it from E-Bay: search "New Passengers...