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2008 forester

  1. Offroad Fozzies
    Hey, I've been putting too many miles on my Jeep runnin back and fourth from SF to the Sierras. I decided that I need a little mountain runner beater. I've always liked the 06-08 Forester xt, I think it looks the coolest when it's all done up. After a year of looking, (these things are pretty...
  2. Forester Shopping
    Anyone know of any 06-08 manual trans foresters for sale?
  3. Offroad Suspension
    I want to put some strut spacers on a 2008 Forester of about 2 inches, I want to know if anyone knows any brand or site that you guys have used that are sort of cheap but have worked well. Also, after installation of the spacers, what should I do? I heard that it has to be aligned and camber...
  4. Sourcing Parts & Accessories
    Hey everyone, I was looking for bull bars at an affordable price, I looked on eBay and saw there are few options. I wouldn’t mind getting a used bull bar so.. Main question: If I see a bull bar with a similar front shape of the forester, would it fit? Has anyone put a different car’s bull bar...
  5. EJ25 - 2.5L Non-Turbo (1998-2010)
    Hi everyone, I have been eyeing a stromung catback for a bit now, but it says that it is meant for 98 to 05 foresters only. Has anyone tried this for a 2008 na forester? What would be required to make the catback work on mine? Link for muffler...
  6. Interior and Electronics
    Is there any way to add an Aux input to a forester x which didn't come with one? I have the pocket next to the 12 volt plug and would I'm wondering if I my stock radio will work with an AUX input. If I can, are there any products the you would recommend?
  7. Lighting and Electrical
    I bought a 2008 L.L.Bean edition, love it to pieces. However, at night when I shift the letters/numbers aren't illuminated. Is that light out or simply no light there?