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  1. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    I got my Fozzy in September '17 and starting having this bizarre issue where the engine heat sensor goes from normal temps, to almost in the red, and then sometimes the needle is all the way as far as it can go. And then a moment later it's back to the mid-line. I talked to a Subaru specialist...
  2. Subie I detailed!

    Subie I detailed!

    Before Before Before After After
  3. Some gold I found on old phones.. (updated)

    Some gold I found on old phones.. (updated)

    A few old goodies I dug up from some old phones n stuff. Stacie is an 04 FXT with nothing much extra; an STI intercooler, cobb downpipe, wrx resonator and straightpiped 3" out to a 3.5" tip. I wish there was an option to upload video clips, had one I was gonna upload of her first winter...
  4. EJ25 - 2.5L Non-Turbo (1998-2010)
    Im pretty damn new here but I need to order a harmonic balancer crankshaft pulley for my 2004 SUBARU FORESTER 2.5 X AWD and I want to make sure I get the right part. Anyone know of a good place to find one? and is aftermarket safe to install? Thank you - noob here.
  5. Cooling Systems
    hey there! I just bought a used forester 2004 and have to do some work on it. this will be my first time changing radiator hoses so I just want to get some opinions before i get started. I've read a lot about avoiding tightening the clamps too tight, which makes sense. My question is how do I...
  6. EJ20 - 2.0L Turbocharged
    Short story: 2004 EJ205 Forester 2.0 Turbo will now hardly pull at all below 3500RPM, and I am struggling even to increase the RPM when flooring the throttle. I achieve increased RPM eventually by pumping the throttle. See this video: In the beginning of the video I simply press the gas pedal...
  7. Members' Journals
    I stumbled upon this site while looking for tips on how best to fit out a Forester as a camper, and my first thought was, "Of course there's a site for Forester people" šŸ˜ Anyway, my Foz is a blue Plain Jane '04, bought second-hand for $3500 last fall with all of her 105,000-mile maintenance...