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1998 forester l

  1. 1998 - Would I be able to swap a 2002 engine into my 1998?

    Motor Conversions
    Have a 98 forester and a 2002 donor forester with good running motor. My question is if I was to pull the the motor from my 02 would I be able to swap into my 98? I know ecu would probably be an issue. I know my 98 runs an old ignition system and a mass air sensor where the 02 is somewhat...
  2. ('98-'00) 1998 - Just bought in VA - leaking and all over the place - PLEASE HELP!

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Not a super mechanically inclined person, but i bought this 5 speed 98 forester L in VA and it’s leaking and all over the place! PLEASE HELP! The valve cover gasket was just changed, but the undercarriage is covered in fresh oil and cv axel grease since the driver side inner and outer boots are...