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  1. Transmission and Driveline
    Getting ready to replace both wheel bearings and hubs on the rear of my 05 forester. Looking trough here and watching videos of the repair I’ve seen a lot of horror stores about people not being able to get the bearings and seals to seat properly without having a press. I’m wondering if it’s...
  2. Brakes
    Hello, I have a 05 XT and I'm looking to get better and bigger brakes. From what I have heard, 04 Sti Brembo calipers fit the 05 foresters, but those are a bit outside of my price range. Since the 04 Sti calipers fit, would that mean that an 04 Wrx caliper could also work? If not, any other...
  3. Motor Conversions
    Hi, I'm old school and a bit late to this party. I have an 05 manual X and the 2.5 and clutch are starting to get a bit tired. It's a great car and I'd love to see it get a new lease of life so thinking about an H6 + 6spd swap as a project, with the goal being a finished daily driver (all...
1-3 of 3 Results