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General Information

Legacy Sport
OE turbo vehicle
My DD turned Weekend Warrior SCCA autocross car.

The story starts off around September of 2007 when I purchased a 1992 Legacy Sport Sedan from a friend who was in the process of shipping off to Korea to be an MP for the Army. He had been working towards the use of a T3/T4 turbo and a very small FMIC. This did not seem like the best combo and I decided to scrap most of his progress and start over in the direction I felt was best for me.

Seemed like a great deal until the more I worked on it, the more body started to show it's true colors (rust color). I came to find out that a LOT of deep rust was covered up and filled in by many pounds of Bondo. I took a closer look under the car and the rot was far beyond what I expected.

So I put the project off while I could figure out if swapping the parts to another car would be best or just try and fix what I had sitting next to my garage. As it would happen, waiting paid off big time in the form of another Legacy SS in PA, but this one would require being trailered home because the transmission only had reverse and even that was on it's last legs. He let the car go for very cheap because he needed money for college classes & books, along with the fact he had acquired over 10 Subarus and his father wanted most of them gone ASAP!!!
1992 Subaru Legacy Sport (Silver)


• FBC cold air intake w/ K&N filter
• Go Fast Bits G-Force 3003 electronic boost controller
•' 05 WRX TD04 w/ Port & Polished exhaust inlet
• FBC turbo inlet pipe
• PTP turbo blanket
• Cobb Tuning turbo heatshield
• DEI Reflect-A-GOLD heat reflective tape (heat shield & TMIC)
• '05 WRX hood scoop & air diverter
• '07 WRX TMIC w/ silicone intercooler Y-pipe
• STi intercooler sprayer system
• TurboXS Type H34 recirc. bypass valve
• GrimmSpeed catless up pipe
• GrimmSpeed exhaust manifold cross pipe
• FBC Port & Polished exhaust manifold ends
• Invidia catless divorced 3" down pipe
• DEI Titanium Pipe Shield (up pipe)
• DEI Titanium exhaust wrap (down pipe & exhaust manifold)
• APEX'i N1 3" catback (custom length)
• Kartboy urethane exhaust hangers
• GrimmSpeed Air/Oil Separator
• Perrin lightened crank pulley
• Subaru Group N engine mounts
• Walbro 255lph fuel pump
• FBC engine bay grounding mod
• '02 WRX coolant tank (custom mounted)
• Rotella T6 5w40 synthetic motor oil
• K&N HP-1008 oil filter
• Mishimoto oil cooler kit
• Mishimoto magnetic oil drain plug
• Mishimoto 154*F thermostat (stock: 170*F)

• Ingalls "Power Stick" pitch stop
• Subaru Group N transmission mount
• Kartboy urethane cross member bushings
• '05 WRX shifter assembly
• Cobb Tuning double adjustment short throw shifter
• Prodrive shift knob
• Kartboy urethane shifter bushings
• Kartboy urethane rear shifter stay bushing
• Kartboy urethane front shifter stay bushing
• Mach V stainless steel braided clutch line
• PowerFlex urethane rear differential mount bushings
• Uncle Scotty's transmission cocktail (purchased from GrimmSpeed)
• Personal "Fitti" steering wheel
• Works Bell quick disconnect hub
• NRG steering wheel hub mount
• Tenzo-R – “Rally Type” race seats
• FBC seat bases with slider rails
• RaceQuip 5-point FIA harnesses (autocross events)
• Rally Innovations harness bar
• ProSport "Performance" 52mm gauges (oil temp/oil pressure/water temp)
• FBC custom triple gauge install into center dash vent
• PLX Devices DM-100 gauge with wideband O2 & Auto Meter gauge cup
• LED panel lights (map/dome/trunk)
• Hella Supertones horns
• Sylvania SilverStar Ultra headlight bulbs
• Optima Red Top battery
• Tsunami voltage display battery terminals
2005 WRX hood scoop
No stereo... because race car! :-)
Wheel and Tire
• Front: WRX calipers w/ EBC Blue Stuff brake & DBA 4000 slotted rotors
• Rear: '04 Legacy H6 rear calipers w/ Hawk HP Plus pads & OE grade rotors
• Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines (F&R)
• GrimmSpeed master cylinder brace
• ARP wheel studs w/ Muteki SR48 lug nuts
• 5Zigen FN01R-C 17” wheels w/ Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 225/45-17 (daily driving)
• 2.5RS 6-Spoke 16x7 wheels w/ Hankook Ventus Z214 C71 225/50-16 (autocross events)



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