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944 Turbo
Das Silber
This car had an engine bay fire (started at coil) and I got it for $2500. It had a ton of goodies installed, most of which I'm keeping but some I'm selling on because they aren't my taste.

Car is currently a work in progress, I'm still repairing the fire damage and finishing a new engine for it.

Besides a Lindsey boost enhancer, Autothority chips, a 3 bar FPR, and a Forge recirc valve, the car was completely stock when I got it save for the interior. The fields below show my plans for the car, some of which are already ticked off as I have time.
1986 Porsche 944 Turbo (Das Silber)


1982 NA engine as the base, fully rebuilt with a Lindsey Racing kit.

951 pistons with Lindsey Racing piston rings

Molnar billet H-beam rods

9R cam

Stock 951 oil cooling setup with AN12 lines

+4* cam key

MegaSquirt 3X full standalone utilizing: Bluetooth connectivity, knock sensing, flex fuel setup, coil-on-plug ignition coils from a Hayabusa and a QuadSpark module, Siemens 80# Gen IV injectors, cam and crank sensing for full sequential fuel and spark, electronic boost control, anti-lag, EGT compensation, etc.

HX35 turbo mated to a machined 0.63 a/r Garret T3 hotside. Bolts up, just waiting to have the crossover modified for a T3 flange. Oil cooled only

Stock head, freshly rebuilt at Bear Creek Automotive Machine

14point7 wideband O2 sensor

GReddy turbo timer

Brand new bespoke engine harness, built from the ground up for everything to talk to the MS

Replacing all plastic bits - reservoirs, lines, harness plugs, etc. All new wiring where affected by fire, new fuel lines, and all new rubber hoses and silicone couplers w/ high boost rated clamps.
Full 968 interior, this is what made me sure I got a good deal. Pleated door cards, uncracked airbag dash, split rear seat, etc. All in mint condition.

I've since installed brushed aluminum sun visor clips, a brushed aluminum shifter knob insert, and a 3-pod gauge panel in place of the cubby. There are matching 14point7 gauges (Solid Gauge Series) for wideband AFR, EGT, and boost. Brushed aluminum rims sort of match the other stuff.
Half-*** respray, I'll likely plastidip or do a re-respray correctly.

Has that 'turbo' decal on the passenger fender, which I think is cool...

Script door handles
Typical aftermarket head unit with standard 21st century features.
Wheel and Tire
Twist II wheels, tires TBD.



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