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General Information

So I wanted to relocate my ECU for safety purposes in the event if water came in.

When I removed the glovebox I opened it and used a flat head to pop the clips off of the glove box frame.

Then there are a total of four 10mm bolts that need to be removed from the plate three you can see and one is in the back higher up on the foot well. After removing those bolts I was able to access my ECU. At this point I removed the two 10mm bolts that mounted the ECU to its bracket and unplugged it. (Take photos incase you forget which order they go!)

After unplugging the ECU I was able to figure out exactly where I wanted to mount it. Do this before plugging it back in so you can trim the plastics if needed as I did. Only reason I trimmed it was so it would be able to close with our rubbing anywhere.

Once I found out where I wanted to mount it I drilled four holes and mounted it with four self tapping screws. The above photo and below photo are both close ups of the sections I cut so there wasn’t any rub


well I hope this write up comes of use to someone in the future. Feel free to ask any questions.


2010 XT Forester (SH9) - Tweaked
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I took my Forester for a swim at a lake launching a boat, and water lapped at the ECU but missed by an inch.
Pulled every square inch of carpet out and 24 hours of work later, she was dried out, re lubed diffs a few times - and all OK in the end.
Subwoofer got a good drink too, stupid thing. Stupid thing to do, but hey it was a fun day out in the boat.....

Good mod if you like taking your car for baths occasionally.....


2009 Forester XT
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Top stuff. Ill give this a go this weekend.