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General Information

Forester XT Limited
Steel Grey Metallic
All Weather Package
245,000 miles (7/8/20) on the original turbo and shortblock.

Sorry the list is so detailed. It's mainly for my reference.
2006 Subaru Forester XT Limited (Steel Grey Metallic)


-Opensource tuned by Keith at AWDtuning to 91oct. Made 215whp/250ftlbs
-Viper Remote Start
-Snorkus Delete
-Airbox sealed to draw cold fender air
-Fender hole plug
-Mishimoto silicone hoses
-One step colder NGK iridium spark plugs
-Perrin fuel lines
-DIY Big 3
-Flex Innovations Grounding Kit
-Strut Tower Mounted Black Custom Panel for Relays and Fuses

-51R (smaller) battery to make room for HID wiring
-51R black anodized aluminum tie down
-Sokie Tech Hood Struts

Maintenance & Work:
-OEM crank pulley, OEM PCV Valve, Opensource 93oct tune done at AWDtuning (146k)
-91oct Tune at AWDtuning (156k)
-Timing belt, plugs, driver's side valve cover gasket, coolant hoses and system flush, brakes and clutch bled, done at at AWDTuning 177k(?)
-Genuine Subaru Top engine cleaner (188k)
-Genuine Subaru Throttle cleaner (188k)
-Cleaned transmission reverse switch (197k)
-PS Pump Gaskets (200k)
-OEM Flywheel, Clutch and Pressure Plate. TSK3 Trans snout repair kit with Throwout Bearing (203k)
-Goodridge SS Clutch line (223k)

Other Maintenance:
-Castrol 0w-40 with Wix 57712 every 3,000 miles
-Techron additive every 3,000 miles
-Full Power Steering flush whenever noisy
-DOT4 Brake fluid
-Used AC Compressor (240k)
-Redline Lightweight Shockproof and Motul Gear 300 75W90 (1:1 ratio) in trans + Motul Gear 300 75W30 in rear diff every 20k miles (201k)(222k)
-Wix Air filter (OEM filter at 219k)
-New Centric rotors and pads, caliper respray, bleed (223k)
-EDM OEM Dash bezel with cupholder painted black
-JDM Forester STI Red Hazard Switch
-JDM Forester STI Black HVAC Control knobs
-OEM dash cubby with black painted door
-JDM Momo Legacy Steering wheel
-Auto Climate Control Resistor Mod
-ATP Activated Carbon Cabin Air Filter
-Custom switch panel in lower dash cubby
-Whistler XTR 695se radar detector
-WeatherTech Liners
-OEM rear cargo mat
-OEM retractable cargo cover
-'03-'05 Tail Lights/ '08 Sport Tails (depending on mood)
-Front view camera
-'08 Sport Grille
-Rally Armor mud flaps (the cheapies)
-WellVisor JDM replica rain visors
-Blacked out C-pillars
-Yakima Kingpin 4 hitch bike rack
-Yakima LoadWarrior roof basket
-Security bolts for roof rack
-Reverse Camera (mounted as centered & discreet as possible)
-Noico Sound deadener behind license plate
-Matte Black Heat Resistant painted muffler
-Rockford Fosgate Class D 4channel Amp
-Rockford Fosgate Class D Mono Amp
-Amps hooked up to Bullz Audio Power Block
-All of the above mounted under cargo floor
-JBL 6.5" Front Component Speakers with crossover
-Rockford Fosgate 4" Rear door speakers
-Custom MDF Stealth Sub enclosure in stock location
-Kicker CompRT 10" Shallow Subwoofer
-DB Link 16Ga speaker wiring
-Noico Sound Deadener and acoustic foam throughout body and doors
-DB Link 4Ga Power to Bullz Audio Power Block
-DB Link 4Ga ground wiring
-Stinger 6channel twisted pair RCA interconnects
-LL Bean Outback Steering wheel controls
-OEM Dash top Pod
-2DIN Android head unit (pod mounted)

Head Unit features/mods:
-Radio with RDS/Bluetooth
-5-Channel RCA output
-Built-in steering wheel control interface
-GPS antenna in headliner
-9dBi 2.4GHz 5GHz Dual Band WiFi Antenna in passenger A-Pillar
-Mic in top of windshield
-HP webcam hooked up as Dash Cam
-Controller module for selectable on-demand front and rear camera view

-Dash cubby mounted switch panel:
-AUX/USB inputs
-3-way Light Bar Switch selects on with High Beams, off, or on with switch
-3-way Camera switch selects rear cam, off, or front cam. (Uses a switcher module hidden by glove box)
-Rear Floods switch with LED
-DRL Kill Switch with LED
-Morimoto Mini H1 projectors with Mini Gatling Gun shrouds
-Morimoto 5000k XB HID bulbs
-Morimoto XB35 ballasts
-Amber reflector delete
-Amber COB LED sidemarkers
-Blacked out bezels
-Front turn signal 7443 socket retrofit with amber/white 3030 chip LEDs (for turn signal and DRL)
-Philips HIR1 high beams

-Morimoto XBLED 3000k Yellow fog projectors
-18W 3030 chip white LED reverse bulbs
-Rear fog light wired to OEM switch
-Rear turn signal 7443 socket retrofit with amber/white 3030 chip LEDs (for turn signal and reverse)
-32" LED Light bar basket-mounted with custom brackets
-18W flood lights mounted to rear of basket w/Yakima brackets
-Rack lights hooked up to Bullz Audio Power Block
-COB LED license plate lights
-High beam relay to convert the Low-side-switched High Beam signal to a + signal which is wired to the Light Bar switch
-LED Flasher relay

-Full swap of green interior/switch illumination to white LEDs (including ashtray light, ignition ring light, HVAC knobs)
-OEM glovebox light socket with switch with LED bulb
-COB LED map lights
-COB LED rear cargo light
-COB door courtesy lights
-Dome light delete, replaced with individual ceiling leds with custom diffusers above each door
-White focused ambient LED in ceiling console
-White LED light in cubby opening
Wheel and Tire
-Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring 215/55r17 on 2008 FXT Limited Wheels
-Blizzak WS80 215/60r16 on original rims (2006 FXT)

-Gorilla Automotive 61621 Acorn Gorilla Guard Wheel Locks

(R.I.P. Yokohama AVID Ascend 225/60r16 taken off with 90k on them)



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