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Forester XT
Obsidian Black
Purchased from Pickles car auctions as a written off vehicle, listed as 'fresh water damage - interior water damage'. I got tangled up in a bit of a bidding war but still purchased the car very cheap and am happy.

After taking delivery of the car, found an old Dealer service receipt from 2008 with customer details, decided to contact the customer who turned out to be the original owner up until the car was written off by their insurance company.

The car was suffering from secondary air pump failure, compromised seals on headlights and water ingress in the trunk area. The previous owner said the subaru dealer was unable to assist with the CEL on the dash and could not locate the source of water in the trunk after heavy rain, they then took it to a second independent shop who concluded that one of the sunroof drain tubes was 'crushed' down inside the pillar during the manufacturing process.

Given the car had faulty headlights (ballasts roasted from water), CEL stuck on, and water appearing in trunk they contacted their insurer hoping they could cover costs of repair, but the insurer decided to write it off.

I received the car with 122,000km's on the odometer, it was parked out the front of a friends factory for a week before I could drive it home.. during that time someone forced open the fuel flap, attempted to siphon fuel, keyed the car, pulled up and broke off the front RH headlight washer, stuck an object down inside and thrashed about damaging the front bumper and surrounding areas, I was gutted and my motivation quickly diminished.

its been over 6 months now and I've finally started work on it, doing an AISIN timing belt kit, full fluid flush, deleted secondary air pump codes from ECU and am now looking for wheels and tyres, the rear self adjusting suspension is sagging so I will need to address that as well.
2007 Subaru Forester XT (Obsidian Black)



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