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General Information

Forester XT Touring Stage 2+
Quartz Blue Metalic
Touring w/ Regular Radio HK Package, Protection Package (Paint, Leather, Interior)
Bought as a CPO with 23,711 10/17/2016. SPT Oil Cap 10/26/16. SPT Battery Tie Down, STI Pedals 10/28/16.
First Suspension, Brake Upgrades, and Mud Flaps 11/14-15/2016. Mishimoto Radiator Hoses 11/17/16. Michelin Premier A/S 235/55/18 11/19/16. Subaru Footwell Lighting Kit Installed 11/21/16. Weathertech Front Floor Mats & Subiespeed Shift Paddle Extenders 11/22/16. R1 Front Slotted Rotors & Perrin Pitch Stop Mount 11/26/16. Breeze Hose Clamp Fixes. JDM Engine Cover.
The End of 2016: Hella Sharptones, Cobb Accessport, AEM Intake, Perrin Turbo Inlet & Throttle Body Silicone Hoses, Perrin Crankshaft & Water Pump Pulleys, GrimmSpeed 3 Port ECBS. Stage 1 ProTune.
2017 (as of 02/03/17) Thus Far: CNT TMIC. GrimmSpeed WRX Charge Pipe Kit. Mishimoto WRX CVT Trans Cooler Custom Installation, Redline High Torque CVT Fluid, GrimmSpeed Turbo Stud/J-Pipe Installation KIt & Turbo Exhaust Gasket, Invidia Catted J-Pipe, Mobile 1 EXT Oil Change and Filter. Stage 2 ProTune. Boomba Racing BOV
Subaru Window Vent Visors and Sunroof Wind Protector.

2017/2018 Upgrades and Changes:
Perrin 3" Silicone Complete Turbo Intake (Replaces the Stock Plastic Intake) and Charge Pipe.
Killer B TMIC and Engine Block Oil Sensor Y use for my AEM UEGO Oil Pressure Gauge AEM UEGO Wide Band A/F Sensors.
Thermostatic 19 Row Oil Cooler
Custom 19 Row Transmission Cooler with the OEM Setup Completely Deleted and the Lines Run to the Cooler Directly from the Transmission Bulkheads.
3" Invidia N1 Dual Exhaust.
EGR/PCV Deletes
Radium AOS (Replaces the PCV Directly Runs the Gasses Directly to the AOS)
CTS-V Brembo/STI front Brake Kit with DBA 5000 Rotors and HPS Performance Pads
There's More I'm sure... Check out my build page.
Motul Excess 5-40 Oil with OEM Subaru Filters changed In-between Oil Changes
2015 Subaru Forester XT Touring Stage 2+ (Quartz Blue Metalic)


Subaru Factory Products: SPT Oil Cap, SPT Battery Tie Down, JDM Engine Cover. Mishimoto Products: WRX Silicone Radiator Hoses (Blue), 3"to Stock Exhaust Reducer, WRX CVT Cooler. Perrin Products: Silicone 3" Turbo Intake and Throttle Body Intake Tubes (Blue), WRX Crank and Water Pump Pulleys (Black), AEM CAI, Perrin , CNT TMIC. GrimmSpeed Products:3 Port EBCS, WRX Charge Pipe Kit, Turbo Stud/ J-Pipe Installation Kit, Turbo Exhaust Gasket. Invidia Catted J-Pipe. Boomba Racing Recirculating BOV. Cobb Accessport (Technically in the car but the ECU isn't!). Redline High Torque CVT Fluid Added to Transmission. (Almost 2 quarts at time of CVT Cooler installation). HPS T-Bolt Clamps on All Charged Air Components (Turbo Outlet to TB Intake). Breeze Hose Clamps on BOV and Intake Air Components. All Vacuum Lines Associated with Turbo and Controller Properly Fit and Zip Tied Throughout.

Custom Stage 1, Stage 2, and Econ Tuning by Shawn Church at Church Automotive Testing/Tuning
260-265whp/305-310wtq on CA 91 Shell V-Power Winter Blend.
Future Plans: Thermostatic Oil Cooler System, AOS System, Mishimoto Slim Fans, Some Additional Blue Silicone Hosing. If someone comes up with a real power handling solution for our CVT (I'm not sold on the torque converter upgrade yet) I will do it and add the smallest SteamSpeed Turbo. Then again if this year goes well. I may be done modding my daily and start building an older version FXT for my "FUN" car. :)
Subaru STI: Pedals, Steering Wheel, CVT Knob, Upper Console Hood and Limited Anniversary Floor Mats with Blue Piping Stitching. Carbon Fiber Radio Bezel.

Subaru Trunk Floor Liner, Subaru All Weather Floor Mats Rear Only, Subaru Back Seat Protectors, Subaru Foot-well Lighting Kit in Red, and Subaru Forester Front Sill Kit.

Stock Gauge Bezel Replacement with Two 52mm Gauge Pods
AEM UEGO Oil Pressure and Wideband Kits/Gauges

Weathertech Front Floor Mats,
OLM Lighting Rear Gate Light, OLM/Morimoto LED Interior Illumination Lights Cobb Accessport with a Dash Mount on the Far Left of the Dash in Full Driver View. (really a small phone mount adopted)
Hard Phone Mount Next to the A/C Controls on the Passenger Side

Things I carry in the spare tire area including the donut: Air Pressure Gauge, 12v Air Compressor, Tire Plug Kit, First Aide Kit, 150w Inverter, Spare Bulbs, Long Narrow Funnel, Oil Filter, Spare Hose Clamps, Zip Ties & Duct Tape, Flashlight, 1/2 Torque Wrench & Metric Sockets, Leatherman, Metric Folding Allen Wrench Combo.
Things in my trunk 90% of the time: Liquids- 1 Quart of Oil, 1 Gallon of AntiFreeze, ATE RBF 200, WD-40, Glass Cleaner, Rain-X, 1 liter/1 Gallon of Water. Tools- Electrical (and otherwise) Hand Tools, 1/4" Metric Socket Set, CCTV/MultiMeter Tester. (Tools are also used for job sites...)

Future Plans: I want to find a solution for the silverish metallic stock steering wheel parts that scratch way too easily. Probably some JDM interior bits here and there. If I have enough money/inclination after all the performance enhancements are done I would like the upper interior to be black!
Subaru OEM Window Vent Visors
Subaru OEM Sunroof Wind Protector
Rally Armor UR Mudflaps w/ Grey Lettering
Hella Sharptone Horns Yellow/Blue
Hella Supertone Horns Red/Black
High Beam Bulbs Converted to HIR Bulbs
OLM Glass/Ceramic Yellow Glass Fog Light Housings with H11 65w Bulbs
Fog Lights are setup to be able to run anytime the running lights are on using OEM parts and custom relay and fuse systems the dash indicator light still works and an OEM switch is used in the stock location.
JDM Smoked in Bumper DRL and Nighttime Running Lights
OLM Rear Reflector Replacement LED Fog/Running/Brake/Sequential Turn Signal Lights.
OEM Factory Mirror Turn Signals Upgraded to LED Kit which Includes Brighter Approach Lights. Blue Heated Convex Mirrors on Both Sides.
Soft Plastic Mirror Visors Both Sides
Pioneer AVH-NEX4400
My Dyn-Audio 1.1" Tweeters if have been installed into the front dash grills and are running on a simple 6db x-over. ( a Capacitor that blocks frequencies from 5KHz and down. If you have heard the term bass blockers....
Alpine Class D Sub Amp 300w RMS into 4ohms 500w RMS into 2ohms. That is connected to a Pioneer 10" shallow mount sub enclosure mounted on top of the spare tire underneath the area cover. While not earth shattering by any means it has allowed a more full sound both in the upper ranges and the lower ranges. I have the front and rear speakers crossed over at 70Hz using the sub for lower end ranges. In the HK OEM system the front speakers roll off around 14/15k in the front dash speakers. The only tweeters in the car are located in the rear doors. Having these speakers crossed over meant I could safely increased the RMS Wattage coming from the OEM amp by increasing the input voltage from the Pioneers 4v RCA outputs. The sub is an excellent compliment to the system which can be blended in when listening to some mellow well recorded music and cranked up when I'm reaching back to my youth listening to Beasty Boys "Licensed to Ill" album. This is made possible by a sub amp control knob hidden in the front center cubby in the console. The amp is mounted under the passenger seat mirroring the the OEM amp under the driver's seat.

I originally started my A/V installation background in car/boat/etc. custom & competition audio/video in the 80's.
Now I'm older, my body is broken and I'm going partially Deaf. I just want something a little louder and dialed in. That is simple for someone else to install.
Honestly the stock system doesn't sound all that bad with a little tweaking unfortunately I haven't found a way to volume match the HD radio with XM or Bluetooth and there is a HUGE volume difference.
The Head Unit will take care of most of my issues, but I do miss a true tight sub that drops to 20hz and the stock HK's in the front doors should make for really good midbass/midrange speakers crossed over correctly. I'm willing to give up a little space for OEM's sub but I don't want to do a custom installation/build again....
Wheel and Tire
Cadillac CTS-V Brembo front brake installation kit with dBA 5000 Slotted STI rotors and Hawk Performance brakes pads. Stop-tech rear Slotted Rotors and Hawk softer pads. Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Blue)(Mann Engineering) Full Brake Flush with ATE RBF 200 (I still miss the old Super Blue!)

Wheel and Tire, Summer and Winter (Well that plan didn't last very long! :( )
Currently Running my So-Called Winter Setup:
ISC Hub-Centric 25mm Wheel Spacers. Turns out my guess work was exactly right! :) The stock wheels just cleared the brakes by a couple of mm's!
Stock Wheels with Michelin's Premier A/S 235/55/18's Installed
Black Gorilla Spline Drive Closed Acorn Lugs.
Due to my accident and the price to get it done after 3 full months plus...
Means I'm not replacing the TSW's just yet. I want to find out if my tire insurance will pay for replacing them. I was planning on going there the weekend after the Turkey Turd Day to tell them I wasn't happy with the performance of the tires...

TSW Nürburgring +35 19x8 Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ Tires. I needed the +35 offset to clear the Big Brake Kit.



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