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Forester 2.5i Limited
Marine Blue Pearl
Popular package 2 (Cargo nets, homelink mirror, exterior mirror lights), all weather pack
I hunted and hunted for the right color and trim level. Could never find it. Was going to "settle" for my 2nd choice color when my sales guy (Palm Springs Subaru) sent me a text with a photo of my perfect choice - Limited with Marine Blue! YAY! I was there at lunch time to start the process and then home and then back again after work to finish the paperwork and sign all the damn docs..!

I've always been a car guy - and have always been involved in car culture when possible. Another ride (currently parked in my port) is a 2001 PT Cruiser Limited that has been customized and has won awards in show - including an audience favorite for best in show.

So I've been bit by the mod-bug before and am now having a relapse...

Fozzie is getting upgrades, going a bit more butch than being a Ginger Grocery Getter...

My first time behind the Subaru logo was in the late 90s when I purchased a 10 year old (1987) Subaru "DL" wagon with 4WD. Cost was $700 bucks and the beast had 260+ thousand miles on the clock. Only issue was a small wear spot on the driver seat bolster. Drove this beast for about 60K miles in a year and a half and blew a head gasket. $1200 repair on a 700 car..? Nope. So my "Subeast" was sold off for parts.

Other vehicles filled the void. In 2008, I wanted to pick up an Impreza Sport, but they only had WRX models at my local Subaru dealer. I wanted sporty, but economy was more important. So I got a Mazda 3....

The Mazda needed replacement and that's when Fozzie Balou came along.
2014 Subaru Forester 2.5i Limited (Marine Blue Pearl)

Box stock - day 1.

Minor mods - mostly chromed trim bits (light surrounds, mirror trim) and tape stripes on the side...

Plus some stainless steel (or machined metal!) interior bits - AC trim, vent trim, shifter trim....



And some Primitive Racing under-body armor...



Next up? Lights and a-tisket-a-tasket and a new roof basket..!



Yep, we'd gotten dirty.

Now I've added some kool Koenig rims.... and those really great Continental TerrainContact AT tires.



K&N "stock" air filter
Mishimoto oil drain plug w/molybdenum magent
Primitive Racing front, mid and rear skid plate - UNDER ARMOR
factory accessory luggage cover
stainless steel shifter console trim
silver/blue dash piping inserts
fuse box cover w/storage
LED interior lamps
s/s HVAC trim
chrome vent trim
Factory accessory rear bumper cover/panel
Factory accessory splash guard kit
Chrome trim for fog light pods, for rear bumper reflectors, chrome trim on mirror caps
Reese roof-top cargo basket mounted to factory accessory roof rails.
Custom tape stripe kit
LED/HD bulbs front & rear
LED door puddle lamps
Front light bar/bull bar
4 row LED light bar (mounted on the roof basket)
pair LED off-road lights - 1 pair spot, 1 pair flood
remote control wiring harness for lights
stock AM/FM/CD/MP3 head unit
LED off-road lights - 1 pair spot, 1 pair flood.

* * * COMING SOON * * *
Moving spot "bar" light to back of roof top basket. - DONE!
Wheel and Tire
Continental Terrain Control AT tires
Koenig Sport "10-spoke" alloys - machine finish lip/spokes, gloss titanium


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2014 2.5i Limited CVT
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Great shine! What do you use
Nothing special really. I get a wash n "spray wax" at a local place every week.... I've been using some stuff (last month or two) from REV AUTO but - meh - it's all pretty much the same. A lot of it is lighting.