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Forester 2.5i
Jazmine Metallic Green
Lighting, auto Dimming
Love my Forester. My Mom has driven the Forester a few times and loves it as well. We were talking the other day and she thought that the Forester had a V6. I don't even have the turbo model.

Why did I get the lower end model? Because I am very tall in the torso so I wanted the extra room from not having the sun/moon roof and the manual seat also goes lower than the power seat.

Sadly my Fooz has been in two accidents already. Neither one my fault. A major rear end accident I posted on the squished section and another minor accident where someone lane changed into me and caught the drivers side front by the headlight.

Sadly there has been more repair work on my Fooz to bring it back to stock than I will likely spend on Mods.
2015 Subaru Forester 2.5i (Jazmine Metallic Green)


Completely stock except the oil filter is the Mazda RX-8 Tokyo Roki. A daily Driver docent need much in the way of mods here.
Will add a back interior light. The one Subaru put in is like trying to light the Mines of Moria with a candle. It just isn't enough. I also plan on purchasing all LED replacement bulbs for the interior and exterior lights from Diode Dynamics.
Someday I will probably put on a side stripe at some point.
Pro Clip iPhone 6+ holder and Charger. Why pay for Navigation when the best and most up to date are on the phones anyway. I bluetooth stream my sound and that is all I need.

Maybe someday I will upgrade the sound system.
Wheel and Tire
Continental TrueContact SL Tires
17x7 Sport Tuning T8 Black Mach Wheels



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