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Forester XT
I purchased Eve March 1st 2012, at 119,395 miles. We have had a lot of ups and downs but I love her.

On 3/12/14 the turbo went with 163,264 miles on the car, sending metal shards into the engine. I purchased a Rebulit engine from SSI in Michiagn, had a rebuilt TD04 shipped from Boxer4Racing along with a vibrant uppipe and STI motor mounts. Upon recieving Eve back from the shop(which I will leave unnamed) I noticed an oil leak. When I went back to the shop to have the first oil change done i asked about the leak and I was told it was the "gaskets setting", I might be a girl but I'm not stupid.
I found another shop and took Eve there to be checked out. They found 2 bolts missing that hold the tranny to the engine. Along with an oil leak from the seeder return line all repairs done at visit. Still Eve had an oil leak, after looking further we found that one of the Head gaskets was leaking. I decided to sekf install with the help of some friends the Gaskets. While disassembling the engine we found that NBR was used to attach the turbo inlet hose to the turbo, Cheep head gaskets used in engine( not fused at 7,500 miles on rebuilt engine). About half way threw taking Eve apart they bailed and Eve had to be towed to a garage for the winter.
In May 2015 I found a new mechanic that offered to help get Eve running again. The following work was done in May 2015: heads decked, leaking valve stems replaced, spark plugs, head gasket set, water pump gasket, Thermostat housing seal, New Bolts, Sprocket, Plug cylinder, Camshaft bolt, Timing belt tensioner, Cylinder Head bolts, Bent valve replaced, sensors. In the process of the repairs we found that the engine had a SOHC block and DOHC heads on it.
2004 Subaru Forester XT (White)


Rebuilt, rebuilt 2.5 block
Cobb Cold Air intake
Mishimoto Turbo Inlet hose
Rebuilt TD04 Turbo
Heated Leather seats
6 disk CD
Panoramic Sun roof



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