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Forester XT
This is my 3rd subaru. My first one was a 97 Impreza wrx rhd that i owned while in germany. Second was my 05 sti that i owned and heavily modified for 3 years until i got sick of fixing it all the time. So then i bought a toyota tundra thinking i was gonna keep it for a long time but i had it for 5 months and had to get back into a subaru but i wanted to be different so i settled with my forester xt!!! I love it so much (even though 3 days into owning it the turbo went out...) but besides that its been a great vehicles so far!!! I have many plans for it soon!!!
2009 Subaru Forester XT (Grey)


So hopefully at some point get a full sti swap going including brembos and a 6 speed.
Get full leds inside of it and maybe a custom head unit but besides that not much else.
Get rid of the red pinstripe on the side!!! Hopefully get the door handles painted and the subaru sport grill, and maybe plastidip the wheels black for the moment. I also want to get full hids or leds for the headlights and fog lights as i like to be able to see at night.
I have my old stereo that was in my 05 sti that is loud as can be! Might put that in there if i get sick of the stock one which isn't very good..
Wheel and Tire
So my favorite rims have always been wedsports sa55m and i think i will finally buy them for this vehicle!!! Some nice 18x9.5!


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