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General Information

One owner car. Original owner bought car new, then gave to son when he turned 16. A few years later, the original owner passed away. The car overheated one day back in February 2018 and wouldn't start. Previous owner replaced rad, starter, and alternator trying to fix the issues.

Took it home to do an engine swap from an identical '03 Forester w/ rotted out rear sub-frame I picked up for 350. The cause of the ignition issue was due to a cracked coil pack. My fiance's dad put his hand on it trying to listen for something while I tried to start it and got a nice little zap.

Spent most of its life in Michigan, however it did escape to Florida a few times. Despite being a primarily northern car, the only rust is about 5" long x 2" tall spot on each rear wheel arch. The rest of the car is in great condition, inside and out, including cradles and strut towers. Still has factory undercoating.

Update 10/2020
Subie has unfortunately been wrecked. My fiance and myself were going to a buddy's house one Friday night. We approached a red light and were the first in line to go when it changed. The light changed, I looked and proceeded to go. I got about ¼ of the way through the intersection when a drunk blew the light and I made contact with the rear axle on his F150. He spun out and rolled his truck, my subie stayed exactly where we hit and did not move any direction. The right frame rail was shifted right about 4". Gonna miss this car. We took it to the UP to visit the falls and go camping. During our drive to the site, we had a typical "turn right here" monemt and were put on two tracks for sxs. She took it like a champ even with berms and downed trees.

Update 11/2020
Found an 06 Forester with a rod knock. Gonna swap engines.
2004 Subaru Forester X


swapped engines from 2003 forester x due to original engine overheating and leaking from every place possible and then some (will rebuild)

plan to ej255 swap it and basically build an XT but w/ a bit more hp
took all-weather mats from doner car
swapped drivers front door with door from identical doner car due to dents
swapped fenders for same reason
Added roof basket-w/ removable Christmas lights from previous owner, lol
Yoko Geo's G015 215/65R16
Red Jerry can on roof
Spare on roof (wont fit in the spare well due to size up)
aftermarket pioneer radio
2 Rockford Fosgate 12" subs w/ R500x1 amp
Two led pods on bumper
Wheel and Tire
Yoko Geo G015 215/65R16



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