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Forester XT
Gold (so Subaru say...)
Sat Nav, 6 Disc Changer
I bought this car in 2014 with an apparent 'simple' spark plug replacement required, meaning the CEL occasionally came on. Having no experience with Subaru's before, I took the dealer at his word and paid him the money. After a full service etc. the engine management light still came on, and after A LOT of investigative work and tests I discovered a faulty injector (Detailed my fix here: )
Since then I've a few troubles and made some upgrades (I always say, if it breaks, replace it with a better, upgraded or higher quality part!)
Now I love the car to bits! It's fast, can tow anything, looks inconspicious, but still cool and sounds like a real car (neighbours love it lol) and beats most other cars off the lights (usually beats all cars actually because the expensive fast car owners are mostly pussies haha)
2005 Subaru Forester XT (Gold (so Subaru say...))


Plastic rad split, so upgraded with MishiMoto full Aluminium Radiator in 2014, also since then I have fit a K&N Panel Filter, blue silicon hoses all round and an STI 6-Speed gearbox upgrade and rear diff. to match, it's more weight but stronger for the engine upgrades.
Engine blueprinted, nitrided 79mm Pro-Drive rally crank, Omega 99.5 pistons, group N sump, head stud conversion (12/14mm), new age spec c conrods
Swoosh Boost Gauge
BlackVue Front\Rear HD Cameras
Satellite tracking system with police link up
Blitz NurSpec Center Pipe and Exhaust System (to get that authentic 'Subaru' flat-4 sound)
K-Sport brake upgrade in September 2017. 356mm floating front discs with 8-pot calipers and 330mm rear discs with 4 pot calipers (Orange Calipers) - WOW they stop me quick!
Main and sidelight LED headlights fitted
The standard 6 disc changer broke, just wouldn't play any CD's (radio was still OK) - So I upgraded it with a Kenwood 2-din digital radio / CD player.
Wheel and Tire
18" Pro-Drive GT1 Alloys to fit my big brake kit which do not fit inside standard wheels



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