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2.5 X
Obsidian Black Pearl
16" Alloy Wheels, Roof Rails
I bought this car used with 37,421 from Scottdale BMW in excellent condition as if it was driven only to AZ and back to IL from garage to garage only to find good weather.

I drove it until 43,972 for an oil change after a trip to CA and back from AZ. I was down over 1qt. of oil but never a light. I was not charged for the oil change at the Subaru Superstore of Chandler, AZ. They at that time started the oil consumtion test and although it took three checks at 1,200 mile intervals of the oil level, they called it at 48,615 for a new short block. They ordered what was needed and in a week they called me to setup the work and gave me a NEW Crosstrack with only 6 miles on it for the week while they put the new block together also totally rebuilding the engine. I got it back paying nothing other than $208.27 for front and rear differential fluid service and 4 new spark plugs. The work was completed 9/2/16 and it runs the same and as new and gets the same 23.4mpg average as before in mixed driving.

Subaru, in my opinion was out in front of the oil consumption problem from the minute I had mentioned it! Subaru has had an excellent level of service in my case and the highest level of integrity I have experienced from any car company I have dealt with in my 35 years of buying both used and new cars.

Update: 1/1/17 1st oil change since engine rebuild. All seems well and no leaks. I had them check the stick at time of drop off and looked like a half quart low but no oil light and car was only sitting 10 min. so I'll keep an eye on oil levels. I had driven to CA and back and no issues. Ran great but smelled metallic burnt or hot when I stopped for gas. Could have been tires or burn-off oils or fluids on block from rebuild whatever or just a toasty radiator and engine from driving 6 hours non stop...
2012 Subaru 2.5 X (Obsidian Black Pearl)


Stock. I have a 1972 Fiat 124 Sport Spyder Fiamm Dual Air Horn I took out of my old convertible but lost the air compressor. I think it would be cool to put an old Italian horn in a Subie as opposed to the standard modification to Hella horns...

New Optima 8020-164 Model 35 Red Top Battery Installed 1-9-17 from 4 Wheel Parts $147.99 plus tax using $10 off web coupons code! Seems like top battery holder clamp is crappy and puts some stress on the top of the battery... Is there a better one that does not cost $50?
I have covered some of the shiny silver trim pieces in black carbon fiber wrap. In AZ some of the shift lever trim shines right back in your face while driving so I needed a darker no reflective solution other than paint...

I added an OEM Subaru Rear Cargo Matt in Dec 2016 and WeatherTech #441881 All Weather Floor Matts on 4/17/16 in favor of the OEM Subaru mud matts because the back of my heels were getting caught on the Subaru floor matts
The grill needs something (can't decide to wrap chrome with carbon, possibly painting the silver part below black, or save up for sports grill), and hitch is ready to install.

Almost Forgot, Tinted all five windows dark but can still see out at night, A well spent $220.00

November 2016: added Rocky Mounts roof rack and Subaru Factory Crossbars for my Bike. Now it is easy to find my car in parking lots :-)
I added an old bluetooth ready Alpine CDE-133BT head unit and microphone. I left the input in the armrest storage unhooked as the stereo has one. I used the Metra 99-8902Single Din Install Kit and Metra 70-7552 Radio Wiring Harness from Fry's Electronics.N The Metra 40-8810 Antena Adaptor was not needed as my car already was using one. I addded the OEM Tweeter Kit Part# H6318SC000 I got for $64.51 total that was sold by a Subaru Dealer on Amazon.
Wheel and Tire
Stock 16" Wheels. I have yet to work on wheels, tires. I currenly have General Altimax Rt43 in Size 215/65R16

What size is best for me without causing issues:



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