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Regal Blue
XT Limited
Purchased at the end of September 2012 after stumbling across it on a dealer lot in south east Ohio, it was quickly nabbed up for being the "unicorn" manual transmission in fairly decent shape! This was to replace my old and trusty 2000 Subaru Legacy L of the same color and has been mostly a joy besides some relatively large headaches (Bad catalytic convertor within a week so it wouldn't pass my PA inspections, then six months later the turbo ate itself :( ). Luckily with the smart decision to purchase an aftermarket warranty I came out with a rebuilt engine and other minor repairs relatively unscathed! It didn't take long for the modding bug to bite as I swiftly set about to purchasing some relatively cheap raceland coilovers to get a feel for a lowered car at a minimal cost. With some slight modifications they fit up quite nicely however I must say if I were to do this again I would certainly purchase some saggy butt spacers if only to tighten the rear suspension. It is relatively fine for daily and joyous driving but the extremely stiff front end combined with the much softer rear leaves much to be desired. At the same time I had put on my suspension I purchased a Cobb Accessport V2 second hand off NASIOC and had a custom 2.5" header back exhaust fitted to my previously replaced high-flow catalytic convertor. This allowed me to have the car setup with the stage 2 93 octane map with no issues by august of 2013. Fast forward into the summer of 2014 I was on the hunt for a set of nice rims in the affordable, budget range. I had already had a relatively new set of 215/45/17's from an old set of rims so I stuck with this size and ended up purchasing a set of XXR 531 17x8 in the platinum finish which fit flush with the wheel wells and complimented the metallic regal blue paint for a very aggressive look. This brings us to the current status of the car and now that I have returned to school in pursuit of a masters degree I fear it may be the end of modding for awhile for to just enjoy the ride!
2006 Subaru Forester (Regal Blue)



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