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General Information

Canyon Red Pearl
LX, with cruise control, no A/C, airbags or ABS
Bought new by my father, combination of dealer serviced, local mechanic and self done stuff. Before I owned it it had had many fender replacements (wildlife in the country), a relatively low k gearbox swapped in, springs/struts all round, all driveshafts.

My parents upgraded to an 03 XS toward the end of 2012, so I gained use of the '98. I bought it off my dad soon after, but it has only been in my name from some time in 2014.

Mid April 2015 I aligned the timing with an incorrect method, causing a breakdown and internal damage. I was able to get it home with the help of a mate, and correctly align the timing belt, but the damage was done. Decided to not get a replacement NA engine and instead repair a V5 STi engine with HG issues that I had for roughly a year.

Completed the swap using a '98 foz GT loom and JDM STi ecu, and ran for a while, though kept the NA driveline, the clutch only held up to 15psi. Replace the gearbox and diff with those from a GT, and put in an Exedy Sports Organic clutch and lightweight flywheel. Unfortunately the engine developed an internal oil leak which I failed to notice, so am now looking for a replacement.
1998 Subaru Forester (Canyon Red Pearl)


- EJ202 (NA) with blown HG, damaged valves/pistons
- AEM stainless steel NA CAI, pod filter in guard
- PVC pipe from OEM panel filter into guard

- V5 STi engine, ARP 11mm headstuds
- IHI VF29
- 1998 Forester GT loom
- JDM V6 STi ecu

To Go In:
- fresh engine, either Forester GT or V5/6 STi or some kind of frankenstein
- bug-eye WRX bucket seats
- JDM St/b rear seat outer trim, with fold down armrests
- bug-eye WRX Momo wheel, red emblem
- black GC8 dash lower half
- black GD centre console, trimmed to fit
- GC8 STi DCCD cluster
- single DIN OEM digital compass pack shroud, with pocket from a Liberty fitted (3D printed panel with guages/switches in future)
- map light mod (map reading light comes on with door light, but still able to be individually operated otherwise)
- JDM St/b STi Type-M rear bar
- JDM St/b gloss black lower plastics
- satin black GT bonnet with red metallic MRT STi bonnet scoop
- Plasti-dipped factory headlight covers
- JDM St/b grille with silver F-badge (previously, modified NA grille painted matte black)
- OEM foglights (didn't come with them originally)
- guards chopped and stock NA flares hollowed out to accommodate wide wheels/tyres
- JDM St/b STi rear wing, painted matte/satin black
- OEM roof racks

To Be Fitted:
- bug-eye Impreza/WRX sedan front bumper, crystal foglights and bumper support (needs custom bracket to bolt up to Forester chassis)
- cheapo Sony Xplod headunit
- Alpine Type-C 6.5" splits in the front
Wheel and Tire
- stock SF 15" steelies painted matte black, w BFG Long Trail A/T
- stock late GT 16" alloys with rubbish tyres
- Custom steelies, 17"x9" +25 with Dunlop Sport 245/45ZR17

- Fifteen52 Turbomac 17x8 +30
- Dunlop Direzza Z1 245/45R17
- GC8 STi fourpot brakes, painted red, white lettering



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