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  1. Dyno sheets

    Engine Management, Tuning and Datalogging
    Hey Folks, two days ago i went to the Ecutekker with my SF :smile2: The mods so far: Airinix Airfilter Impreza BOV VF28 Turbo Turboback exhaust system Sportheader with catless Uppipe The tuner did a softmap with only 1 bar (14.5 PSI) boost. He said it is better for the old Lady :wink2: The...
  2. Aggressive wheel Foresters? (merged thread)

    Member Galleries
    hey Folks, lately i got my Rotas powdercoated from white: to brown/bronce and i like it so much more. what do you guys think?
  3. Aggressive wheel Foresters? (merged thread)

    Member Galleries
    Hey there, yesterday i put some new shoes on my SF :grin2: Rota Grid Drift IK-R 9.5x18 with 245/40 tires on it. Just a little love on the rear Fenders was necessary... Sorry for the bad pictures, it was already late and today was very bad weather. But i will come Back with better ones...
  4. Hello from Switzerland

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys I read allot in this Forum. You have a very nice community here :) In spring this year i bought my first Subaru, a Forester SF from 2001 with 170tkm with 177PS. I like the car very much. He have already new shoes on and a turbo-back exhaust, he also got lowered 2 weeks ago. That's...
1-4 of 4 Results