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  1. ('19+) 2019 - Headlights on Touring do not shut off when moving??

    Lighting and Electrical
    That's it!!! Thanks so much for the multiple responses. That's exactly what my Touring does. I was confused when the green lamp icon on the dash came on even with the stalk control in the "off"position........all good, folks and thanks! Steve
  2. ('19+) 2019 - Headlights on Touring do not shut off when moving??

    Lighting and Electrical
    This sounds like a dummy question and it may be. I've had 2019 Touring Forrie since Aug. but almost never have reason to drive at night. Just now, I did have to go out after dark and found that w/o selecting "auto headlamps' on the stalk, the low beam lites seem to come on and stay on regardless...
  3. 2019 - Husky Weatherbeater Mats On Sale-Amazon

    Bargain Alley
    FYI, I ordered and received a set of 4 Husky Weatherbeater mats to fit the 2019+ Forester. The prices that I found online were all from $175-$195 (Husky's site price)......... Last week, I stumbled on to a lower price of $129 from Amazon.......... I've used Husky mats since 2003 and found them...
  4. ('19+) 2019 - Front Grill Cam - anyone add the overseas-market only front view cam?

    Interior and Electronics
    Has anyone tried adding the overseas-market only front view cam to the 2019 US Foresters? I haven't seen anything behind the grill BUT is there a harness for such a part to plug into? Just thinking idly about how nice it could be to see out to the front while parking.... Steve
  5. ('19+) 2019 - Front License Plate Attachment Issue?

    Exterior and Body
    Thanks, guys....the plate holder that I have is a soft squishy one that is very protective BUT too flexible to hold there plate at the correct angle when in motion..........
  6. ('19+) 2019 - Front License Plate Attachment Issue?

    Exterior and Body
    I installed the license plate and frame on the 2019 Forrie Touring (which we LOVE, btw!) but it's sort of unsupported at the bottom edge...........feels very unstable and prone to rotating inwards at the bottom. Does anyone know of a bracket or whatever that should bolt to the bumper and the...
  7. 2019 Touring Delivered On Sat!!!!

    General Forum
    Finally: the car is here, in my grubby little hands.....and the good news is that I love it. Observations as I have some once I start driving it more (Labor Day weekend, ain't going to venture out except locally which DOES require some highway driving) BUT here are a couple of thoughts: 1) The...
  8. 2020 Subaru Outback Pricing

    News, Rumors and Media
    I was waiting to upgrade my 2015 OB LTD to the Gen 6 but once I got a look at the information screen in the center stack, I lost all interest in the new OB. Coupled with the 2018 HU fiasco (which as I understand it, continues to this day), I have serious doubts as to Subaru's ability to deliver...
  9. 2019 - Forester Likes and Dislikes?

    General Forum
    I don't even have my 2019 Touring yet BUT how's this? I wish that the overly "chromed" exterior trim could have been charcoal, pewter or some other color.......I know that they had to add some bight work to justify the "Touring" moniker BUT chroming everything isn't the way to do it, IMHO. If I...
  10. 2019 Touring Feature?

    Forester Shopping
    Ah, thanks, Jelks!!! You put my mind to rest. The dealer had nothing except for 2 Sport models available so I took the chance that the Touring would still have the standard complement of Forester features plus the upgrades. I'm coming from a 2015 OB Ltd which was very nice BUT had miserable...
  11. 2019 Touring Feature?

    Forester Shopping
    I just realized that I've never seen or driven a Touring level Forester BUT have one on order. I really like the "standard" data readout (AC, outside temp, MPG, miles until empty, Eyesight operation/cruise control) panel up high under the windshield and would hate to lose the placement just to...
  12. We Are Moving!

    Community Help
    Any chance that you might be able to follow the SubaruOutback Forum model as far as clearly separating the model generations to make the conversations easier to go directly to......? I'm a member of BOTH and I find the OB Forums to be distinctly easier to use when looking to participate in a...
  13. Oh Deer - Poor 2019

    Member Mishaps
    Yep, that's the device I had on my 2003 Forester and my wife's CRV after her 3 definitely worked well......we used to live in central NJ which, back then, at least, was overrun with white tailed deer. Driving at note, whenever we came down our country road, we suddenly saw 50...
  14. ('19+) Weather tech Mud Guards - installation discussion

    Utility and Protection
    Thanks for the response, Brian!!! I have a trim tool BUT perhaps will return it as maybe not needed.......this could be my last car...... Steve
  15. ('19+) Weather tech Mud Guards - installation discussion

    Utility and Protection
    Thanks for reporting your experience. I have my spats but no car....yet. Did you have to get a trim removal tool as the instructions suggest or could you do the install using a flat bladed screwdriver??? I want to get the spats on the car as soon as I drive it home from the dealer. Possibly...
  16. Oh Deer - Poor 2019

    Member Mishaps
    I posted my experience several years ago about a patented electronic deer whistle system called the XP-3 Hornet.........when we lived in NJ, our area in Hunterdon County was overrun by deer and we suffered 3 hits, averaging $2500 per smack.......the NJ State Trooper on the last of the impacts...
  17. Subaru Reveals 2020 Forester With 3 New Upgrades

    News, Rumors and Media
    We got a 2015 Outback towards the end of its first year of build and it's proven to be perfectly reliable....except for the el cheap battery which SOA replaced when it started failing after overnight. The only "update" that the 2016 OBs included was a larger LED clock display..........and...
  18. Subaru Reveals 2020 Forester With 3 New Upgrades

    News, Rumors and Media
    Whew.........I have a 2019 Touring on order and can live w/o these 3 "upgrades". The hybrid would have been nice BUT we don't drive enough to merit waiting for the Hybrid when it finally does make it to the USA......Jasmine Green isn't really dark enough for me BUT, again, that new Green MIGHT...
  19. 2019 Forester Touring White (Moraine)

    Member Galleries
    I know that someone asked already BUT how hard was the install of the Sport Grill? Did you install it yourself? I avoided doing this on my 2015 OB Ltd and used Plasticote instead BUT I never liked the rubbery finish that the spray-on resulted in....... I think I'll be investigating how much the...
  20. ('19+) Weather tech Mud Guards - installation discussion

    Utility and Protection
    I'm ordering the spats 2019 is still 12 weeks out or so.......I asked for NO OEM mud guards after I saw how straightforward the Weathertechs mount to the 19 Forrie. Steve
1-20 of 161 Results