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  1. ('06-'08) My fozzy 07 xt manual sport build

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    It could be a low resistance issue. I had this problem when I had nearly all LEDs installed in my 2008 Forester XT (parking, side marker, turn, brakes, reverse). Because LEDs have a much lower resistance than standard halogen bulbs, any residual current in the lighting system would cause your...
  2. ('03-'05) Cosmetic protection - Tips?

    Utility and Protection
    That's awesome your '04 has its paint in good shape and hasn't been door dinged! Other drivers in my area don't care and I've been door dinged regularly wherever I go, even by my own wife in our garage. :frown2: Fortunately, our cars are made out of aluminum so it's very easy for a paintless...
  3. ('03-'05) alternator upgrade?

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    Advance Japan High Efficiency Alternator FYI, Advance Japan makes a 130A and 150A high efficiency alternator for the SF and SG. Fair warning, they are pricey! I have a 130A Advance alternator in my 2008 Forester Sports 2.5XT. Advance Alternator I recommend buying from Nengun Performance -...
  4. ('06-'08) '07 XT Sports- P0303, no resolution.

    EJ25 - 2.5L Turbocharged (2004-2013)
    Been in the same boat... It looks like you're on the right track in trying to resolve the P0303. I ran into the same situation as you when trying to chase down the cause of a P0304. I was at around 150,000 miles on the stock engine. I did the common fixes like swapping coilpacks, checking...
  5. ('06-'08) 07 Forester scraping sound from RF when moving

    What's the mileage? I just turned 216k miles on my 2008 Forester 2.5XT, and I'm slowly doing a complete overhaul of the suspension and drivetrain. I was also getting a scraping sound from the left front (LF) of my car and it turned out that my stock axle was dying. I replaced it with an...
  6. ('06-'08) yuephoria's 2008 Forester Sports XT

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    Thanks for the compliment! Andrewtech has been in the business for decades now and built Subaru transmissions are what got them on the tuner and enthusiast map, but they can do it all now for any AWD platform from engine builds, suspension and tire work, electronics, and even some exterior aero...
  7. Scandal Erupts Over Steel Company's Falsified Data-Subaru Affected

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    Grrreeeaatttttt....:| It took forever to get the Takata airbag replaced in our 2007 Honda CR-V under the recall (nearly a year). And now I'm reading reports where faulty OEM Takata airbag modules are being replaced faulty Takata airbag modules. :facepalm:
  8. Scandal Erupts Over Steel Company's Falsified Data-Subaru Affected

    News, Rumors and Media
    Uh oh. I wonder if this scandal is going to mutate and expand in scope like the Takata air bag debacle.
  9. FOTM October 2017 - "Through the Woods"

    Forester of the Month (FOTM)
    I'm going to try resubmitting again and see how I do. I hope to book a new photo shoot before the end of the year, depending if I can get the car together. All photos courtesy of Raj Deshmuhk/MDR Productions. Woods by andrew.yue, on Flickr Front by andrew.yue, on Flickr Profiling by...
  10. FS: (For Sale) SG Parts Heaven: OEM Flares, Beatrush, etc...

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    PM'ed and PayPal sent!
  11. FS: (For Sale) SG Parts Heaven: OEM Flares, Beatrush, etc...

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    They do.
  12. ('03-'05) 2005 XT - JDM Forester STi Rear Seat Install

    Interior and Electronics
    Once again, great work @KevinJTrnr! Also following you on the FB forums.
  13. FS: (For Sale) 2007 FXT sport 89k miles 4EAT auto UGM

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    Great seller! Bought his STi front lip a few years ago.
  14. ('06-'08) yuephoria's 2008 Forester Sports XT

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    These are the best that I can find. I hope it helps. All pictures are by Raj Deshmukh/TurboXS/MDR Productions (IG: @mdrproductions)