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  • YoGeorge ·
    By the way I do prefer Michelins and if I was buying tires today might look at the Defender LTX M/S but that is only in a 215/70 size and costs more.

    I love Conti bicycle tires but their automotive tires are a bit more hit and miss. They are basically General Tires (same ownership) and mine are made in the US.

    We had DWS's on my wife's car and they did not wear well but the Control Contacts are wearing very well. And probably as quiet as tires can be, no nibbling, etc. Harder rubber is not killer in the winter, though, and Michelins can be the same with hard rubber.
    YoGeorge ·
    I have Conti Control Contact Tours which are discount tire's house brand. They have 28k miles on them and are barely worn. Not ultra great in the snow but mine are Eco street tires. Just got back from a 4500 mile trip over the last 3 weeks and they handle fine, are quiet, and ride smooth. Got a bolt thru one tire in Lexington KY, drove 70 miles to Louisville and got a new tire for free from Discount Tire because the bolt was close to the edge.

    225/65 is a better size if you ever need to use your spare. like 27.5" tall where the 215/70'a are 28" and the original tires are 27". Logical oversize.

    xradchadx ·
    Hey yogeorge. I saw a while back you went to a Continental tire. I too am lookimg to go to a Continental and wanted to know your impressions so far. I am looking for something completely quiet. Also i have a 215/70 16 on there like you did. How does the 225/65 compare?

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