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  • Wht08forester ·
    Thank you,

    Its been a mixed bag as far as interest. Most desirable is the 5 spd. One just sold here an 08 FXT LTD, had I think 50 or 60k miles. From Virginia, he was asking $17,500. Not sure what he sold it for. It was mint, better condition then mine. Over 200 people have viewed mine here in about a day and a half. Not one offer! More response on CL. Only up for 8 days. Buyer who is coming Sat. morning is from So. Cal. It should go tomorrow!

    Not sure the condition of yours, but again what you have going for you is its a 5 spd. If its in excellent shape it will sell, sooner rather then later.

    Best of luck to you too,


    P.S I may be looking at a 5 spd interestingly enough. Probably 09/10 which are very, very rare. Have you ever heard about some FXT that have any valve lifter noises as in pings or thumps, upon a cold start up, if they have sat for a while, which I hear can be quite common?
    2point5awd ·
    Saw your XT for sale - I wish you luck on the sale.

    Was curious what kind of interest you got either through this forum or through Craigslist perhaps? Mainly because i will be selling my 08 XT 5-speed (albeit with 78k miles) in a few weeks. I'm in Walnut Creek so not too far away.

    I'd appreciate any info you want to share either now or after the sale.

    Thanks in advance-

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