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  • julivnx ·
    Hey man. I'm interested in your forester. I'm located in San Diego so I'm not too far from you. Here's my number if you'd like to talk with me. 760-670-9623. My name is Jordan. Thanks!
    SubieSusie ·
    I want to get more into the car scene with meets and going to subiefest hopefully this year. Maybe your connection can also help me network a bit. Only thing I would want to do with this thing is get a roof rack and a bike rack and the before mentioned tow package. Possibly a different front end in the future and drop the fogs a bit. And some gold BBS's and a lil more but you get the pic. I like really like your work especially on the handling end.
    SubieSusie ·

    I'm interested in the car! got some simple questions for you before I make the drive up.

    I'm in La Jolla so your not to far of a drive. Give me a call or text to answer my questions at 209 275 7027 or email [email protected]

    1. Clean title? 2. Can i get a short time warranty just to get a 2nd inspection? (just to make sure it all checks out of major problems) 3. I will be paying cashiers check. Any type of discount i can get for that? 4. tow package? I saw tow hooks in the description but you don't happen to have a tow package with ball and everything would you?

    My schedule is open beside mon-fri 8-5 in S.D. prior notice i can be off by 3:30 in S.D. I also am usually busy on tuesday and friday nights. But, not always! Off on weekends including tomorrow! Once again let me know when i can come see her!

    Best of luck

    17FXT ·
    Hey man saw that you have a set of STi rims that you want to sell for $800. Are they really 5X100?
    Us2Zombies ·
    Hey bro,

    I live up in Ventura, I notice you're (generally) in my area. I have an 04XT with about 80k on it, owned it about 6 months, looking to start doing some mods and maintenance stuff. I also noticed Yimi tuned your car. I'm looking to do some networking, find info on local shops and tuners etc. Hit me up when you have time, I'd like to get some info on shops, mechanics etc. Thanks!
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