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  • Majorlk ·
    Do you have any thoughts or opinions on the Conti ExtremeContact DWS vs the PureContact? They both seem to have the same tread characteristics but the latter is a 70k mile tire and the DWS is a 50k tire. I understand there are some sidewall differences. Thanks.
    TSi+WRX ·
    Thanks, Alex.F! I'll definitely remember that - I think that when the time comes, your help would be great on the graphs and sidebars that Google Translate cannot pick up on! :) I certainly wouldn't want you to undertake what only a paid UN Translator would be obliged to provide!!! :lol:
    Alex.F ·
    Hi TSi+WRX: If you want any of these Russian & possibly Ukrainian articles translated, I could oblige; at least the highlights anyway, some of them are pretty verbose.
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