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  1. ('14-'18) Replace front strut top mount

    Suspension and Handling
    Hi All, I am replacing the front strut top mount of my FXT 14+, and I wonder if there is the marking for correction mounting direction, I see there are 02 dots on the rubber area but not sure it will mean anything. Please share your advice, Thanks, TommyGT
  2. ('14-'18) ('15+) WRX Boost Gauge

    Interior and Electronics
    Great, @aggie113 please share the part number of MFD that will be fit/direct swap to Forester XT 2015, Thanks, TommyGT
  3. ('14-'18) Wide Angle Convex Mirrors with Turn Signals Led

    Exterior and Body
    Hi Bros, please could you advise if the mirror for 2015 WRX is also fit to Forester 2014+ I found this wide angle mirrors from Subispeed website but it list only for WRX, I have email them to ask for Forester fitment but no answer so far, SubiSpeed Wide Angle Convex Mirrors with Turn Signals...
  4. ('14-'18) TapTurn Installed

    Interior and Electronics
    After replaced by correct tapturn version for Forester it works perfectly, thanks to Scottmcphee for your five stars supports and sent me replacement module in-advance before receiving return module, strongly recommend tap-turm to Forester owners :smile2:
  5. ('14-'18) broken plastic next to rear passenger seat at door

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Today I cleanup interior of my Forester 2014 2.0 XT and found the plastic piece had been broken/crashed as described same as in this post, I think the design of this plastic piece has problem because it's structure is very thin without support and easy to break. I have asked Subaru dealer for...
  6. ('14-'18) TapTurn Installed

    Interior and Electronics
    Hi Scottmcphee (tapturn guy), I have sent email to get your support for my problem with tapturn on Forester 2014 but no response from you so far (a week). I have to rolled back to stock signaling flasher in the mean time, so what I can do with tapturn flasher unit now??? Thanks, TommyGT
  7. ('14-'18) TapTurn Installed

    Interior and Electronics
    I have just installed tapturn on Forester 2014 (EDM) [without convenience signaling], but having problem with stalk-left, Here is my video clip to capture the problem of stalk-left with tapturn flasher. Read all comments say it's plug and play, but it's not on my...
  8. ('14-'18) 20mm RSB bushing yellow dot?

    Suspension and Handling
    I have a picture of uninstalled 20mm RSB here
  9. ('14-'18) 20mm RSB bushing yellow dot?

    Suspension and Handling
    Hi all, I order 20mm upgrade rear sway bar to replace the stock 16mm one on FXT 14, the RSB kit come with 02 bushing (19mm). I am going to install at it this weekend, the new bushing has one yellow dot on one side. Does anyone have any clue about this yellow dot to use for what purpose? i.e...
  10. ('14-'18) New products for SJG from BLITZ

    FA20DIT - 2.0L Direct-Injection/Turbo (2014-2018)
    Does anyone have change to install and sound test of Blitz muffler on FXT 14?, I am considering between it and STi muffler
  11. ('14-'18) Dashboard Rattle Fix

    Interior and Electronics
    @N3tguru thanks for your post, I follow this and it fixed the rattle issue on my FXT (bezel area) :grin2:
  12. ('14-'18) Sway Bar question

    Suspension and Handling
    Hi Bros, I have purchased Subaru Forester Rear Sway Bar Kit - 20mm, I plan to replace it on this weekend and would like to seek your advice on my questions: 1. Do we need to apply any grease lubricant to bushing and swaybar? if yes what kind of grease is appropriate? (since bushing is rubber...
  13. ('14-'18) Upgrade high performance brake pads

    I own FXT 14 for 01 year with ODO 8K miles, FXT brake is not much impressive nor responsive quickly compare to BMW or Germany cars. I plan to upgrade OEM brake pads with high performance brake pads. Could you recommend what brand and model of upgraded brake pad with objectives: + high brake...
  14. Automatic Door Lock Controller

    Interior and Electronics
    subscribed also :) It's also great if Subaru agree to reprogram BIU firmware to add this feature :)
  15. 20mm Rear Swaybar Upgrade
    Hi, do we need to upgrade the rear sway-bar end-link to adapt with new 20mm sway-bar or just stay ok with the OEM endlink?