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  • theshootist ·
    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry for late reply I've been on holdiday this weekend and got back last night. I had them on about 18 months to 2 years I think, which would equate to 10-15k miles maximum. The springs are painted red and some of this paint is flaking off now. They were not too soft and I've fully loaded the car with gear. I went with the spingcoils because I was ordering new front springs and shocks and wanted the springs to match all round. In truth I can't tell the difference between stiffness of the springs at the rear. Stiffer front springs made more difference to feel and the way the nose dives on sharp turns, but even on supposedly stiffer springs the rear still squats down on hard acceleration.

    New I think they are £66 each. I'll send you them for £60 if you'd like them.

    Cheers, Henry
    Charmer ·
    Thanks for the offer of the Pedders. Very kind of you.
    I am seeing the car dealership on Monday and will let you know the outcome.
    How much would you want for them?
    Did you do many miles on them? Did you find them too soft?
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