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  • highland forry ·
    Hi Si , I've had a private message from 'braindamage' asking me about 'the ghetto mod' ,now hes a new member and has an 01 sti ,should i pass him over to the god that you are or should i just send him a link to the PDF of the mod?

    Thought i'd better ask as after all this is your invention.

    faheem ·
    Hi Simonif u can help me,02 ej20 turbo auto/s/shift,my problem is its not boosting as it should,sumtimes it boosts 0.5 n 0.8 and 1.0 bar,i chead for leaks on intake n vac pipes all gud,checked the maf sensor all gud,checked the waste gate to see if it opening n closing all gud,i took it to the Local dealer for tests,the only thing they could see is that its receving a knock reading of -3 to +13 which they say is retarding the timing when driving with the diag/machine connected so i tride a other knock sensor from my 01 Legacy which looks the same as the foresters one,but its still doing the same,sumtines its boosts as normal just in 1st n sumtimes less,no a lot of help from my dealer,they say it can be a electrical problem,but wont the engine light come on if there is a electrical problem?plz let me know if you can help,o yes when i took the intercooler off i found a bit of oil on the turbo inlet to the y-pipe to the intercooler n found oil in the intercooler,not a lot,is this normal?
    chrisw4266 ·
    Hi Guinness said to pm you could i have details of the ghetto bov mod, as some people are saying the pipe work to my bov looks odd or modified.
    Cheers Chris.
    mr_alkan ·
    Hi simon/Rookie.

    I hope you are well. I've just bought a 99 Foz Turbo S manual [SF5BK5D]. Ans as, I have found its the EcuTek ecu (bugger), I'm wanting (for the time being anyway), to mod as much as is safe before I am forced to reMap. Could you therefore please mail me ([email protected]) all supporting mods list to help me get on.

    Many many thanks.

    County Durham.
    Rabee ·
    Hi Rookie,
    I live in Michigan USA. My forester is non turbo 2011 x base trim with automatic transmission.
    I am thinking to install rear LSD , e.g. Cusco or Quaife.
    Will they fit? Do I carry already stock rear LSD or something else?
    Will it be an easy and straight forward swap?

    NJSUK ·

    Would it be possible to get a copy of your document on the ghetto mod? Running a 2001 S-turbo, with a boost guage going on this weekend, and just looking for a reliable way to run 0.75 rather than 0.55ish bar of boost !

    Many thanks in advance
    B4K3Y ·
    Hi simon,

    I've been away from the fozzie scene for a while but have found myself back with one again! I'm getting her ready for the winter and wondered what the ghetto mod consisted of....... [email protected] my new girls a UK turbo s and shes like chalk and cheese compared to my old s/tb :( lol
    adrianfromhull ·
    hi,you seem to be a guy in the know!i could do with your opinion on something,i have a 1997 forester s/tb and iv just banged an EBC in,on high boost its great but on low its a bit bumpy when the boost comes in and to be honest on the lowest setting its showing about 0.8 bar!im pretty sure its all piped up ok as its fairly self explanitory but maybe my actuators stuck a bit?its a bit of a task taking the heat shield off and disconnecting it just to see!lol.if you rekon its stuck and i need to replace it then what pressure actuator should i get? theres like 0.6bar and up in increments of .2bar so i just dont know which is suitable!
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