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  • GretP ·
    Hi Taza. I'm a sandgroper looking for the thing (without forking out $400 for ne!) and would love to know how you went making your sump guard before I attempt mine.
    akpv ·
    Taza! I am after exactly the same thing as the guy below. How did you mount those lights on your nudge bar? How solid are they? Do you have any better photos of how you did it? I know you have the bull bar now so can't take any...


    LucasWheat ·
    Hey Taza,

    Looking at some older pictures of your 01 with the plastic nudge bar. How did you attach the little spotties to it? Waiting for a nudge bar to come up on the Bay but noticed this option and was interested.

    DasMoturhead ·
    taza, do you still need the badges? I have the ones I got for my Foz. I tradedthe car but kept the badges. No tape on them, so you will have to get some double sided tape. PM your address and I'll send them out next week.

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