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  • Lancereinier ·
    Hi saw your wheel spec pic 18x8.5 +33 with oem tires. It looks pretty dope, just flush with the fender. May I know if you did any camber adjustment or just pure drop? Cause I'm planning to put on wheels near your specs 18x8 +28 on stock wheels also. Just want to know if I'll have the same look as yours? or mine will pop out the fender? (which I don't like to happen)
    manbearcat ·
    Hello! I have been trying to locate a hood scoop for my '15 FXT and each thread I am on I see you are in the discussion. Were you ever able to find someone who had access to getting these to US or maybe another option? I see a few when I google it but nothing telling me how functional it is.
    bumlux ·
    Great Profile picture!! I wonder and would like to know which aperture settings and which zoom lens did you use? I estimate an aperture higher than 8?
    jasxn ·
    i was reading your thoughts about the drone when you had your STI cbe installed. But i think i've read that it was bad elsewhere? or i could be mixing it up with someone else.

    So many mixed reviews. i cant find a soundclip anywhere so its hard to determine if its worth it. if it was bad i did plan on slightly plugging one pipe each to eliminate drone.

    thanks for any help you can provide/describe!

    AdustytrunkMonkey ·
    I also recently got my hands on a 16' XT premium. How Do you like the q300? Sounds like it has something mean to it on higher rpms, but is still a sleep under 3rpms hence the "q300." lol
    MKL_XT ·

    Wondering where you got the red line decals on the bumper of your forester. I just got my 16 xt touring last week and that is something would like to add. Any help is appreciated.

    Raz007 ·
    Afternoon sir. Got a quick question for you about your suspension setup:

    GTSpec Adjustable Lateral Control Arms
    GTSpec Adjustable Toe Arms
    Cusco Street Zero S Coilovers 6k front and 6k rear

    I have been looking at doing something similar, but Fortune Auto coils. I was wondering how much impact the Adjustable Toe Arms had on your alignment. I was planning on the Lateral Control arms, but wasn't planning on toe arms. What do you recommend? I don't think I'll be going as low as yours sits, but I want to eliminate most of the wheel gap.

    I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
    matmilr ·
    Do you still have that steering wheel for sale? How much are you asking if so? Also, what did you replace it with? Thanks.

    psi1776 ·
    Wow... Just picked up a 2015 White XT Touring (replaced my 2012 White WRX hatch as my wife and I are expecting) and what you've done to yours is amazing. While I am on a tighter budget than I was with the WRX, any tips on impactful mods that did break the bank? Also, any good sites for parts (besides with confirmed fitment? The usual WRX/STI places are letting me down some. Thanks in advance...
    Kolya ·
    Your SJ made me like the new FXT better than the 2015 STI...Absolutely amazing build and a great vision! I always look forward to the updates on this thing!

    TG2015XT ·
    Thank you very much for your reply my man! I just got the Clamp fix half way done. The WHiteline 22 rear sway will be here tom and will bolted on. lol Im going to throw the XT's current sway on my wife's 2015 PRem non XT. Im a newbie to all the lingo so far so bare with me. :) lol Thanks again for all your insight and FAST TRACKING my upgrades.

    Have a great evening!!

    TG2015XT ·
    Pretty Sweet XT Sway162!!
    I noticed it says (removed) on the RS Down Springs. Did you remove these and why? Im looking at purchasing springs and cant decide whether to lower or go with STI springs. WHat are your thoughts? Thank you!!
    mcgrago ·
    G'day mate,
    Your xt looks bloody awesome!
    Got an sti front lip spoiler from japan parts, but struggling with install, and Japanese instructions. Got as far as drilling the 4 holes in the bottom of the bumper, but now lost.

    Mate huge favour, would you be able to give me a bit of a hand as not sure what the paper templates are for and what to do next. Looks like I have to remove tiny fron mud guards underneath, but just not sure.
    Would really appreciate any help you can offer.

    Cheers, Jas
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