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  • FormerFido ·
    I saw your post from April saying you had a set of 2019 Outback Limited wheels you were going to sell. I'm getting a new Forester Sport, but I'm not a fan of the all-black wheels. Looks like the Outback Limited are the same size.

    Do you still have the wheels for sale? If not, any advice on how I might use this forum (I'm new) to find someone with a new Forester Limited to swap with me? Thanks.
    SuperRu · ·
    I totally missed your message. I still have those wheels.
    indycanard ·
    Hello SuperRu,
    By chance do you still have 06 FXT compatible key fobs (either whole or innards only) for sale? I need to replace a lost key and fob...
    themarksman88 ·
    Hi, I was reading a post on a passenger side window switch that you replied to. I am having the same problem where I am looking for a wire diagram for my front passenger side switch. I was wondering if you have the PDF still on wiring it. Thanks
    SuperRu ·
    Your key does not have a chip. Any duplicate should work fine.
    I only have spare remotes for the late model "Alpine" keyfobs. You need the "Code Alarm" style which are becoming harder to come by. eBay may be a good place to start in your search.
    Good luck,
    praisinghim247 ·
    Hello, I saw you mentioned in a forum about replacement keys. I have a 2000 Outback (107,000 miles) and while I was on vacation my son was held up at gunpoint and my keys were stolen. Can you help me get a replacement remote? Also, I have my spare key, doesn't seem to have a chip (no black grip), can I just get that copied locally without going the dealer route?
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